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Netanyahu targeted for endorsing boycott of Israeli TV channel, #FakeNews

PM condemns Israel’s TV-12 for airing “Our Boys,”  a biased HBO propaganda program on Israel’s behavior following the kidnapping & violent murder of 3 Israeli teens by members of the Hamas terror organization during the summer 2014, calling the network ‘anti-Semitic’ and asking Israelis to boycott it.

By Raz Shechnik


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came under fire Sunday for his attacks on an Israeli television channel that aired a controversial HBO show about the events of summer 2014, when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered by members of the Hamas terror group and three settlers kidnapped, tortured and murdered a Palestinian teen in retaliation. Continue Reading »

HBO joins #FakeNews media bias by misinforming viewers for ratings

In a new HBO series focusing on the Israeli-Arab conflict, producers draw moral equivalence with the Palestinian kidnapping\murder of 3 young Jewish teenagers, then Arab celebration of the act of political terrorism, to the revenge killing of Arab youth that disgusted and angered the Jewish State.

By David Lazarus


A new HBO series titled “Our Boys” compares the kidnapping and murder of three young Jewish teenagers (Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah) in 2014 with the murder of a Palestinian youth, Muhammad Abu Khder.

Muhammad Abu Khder – Twitter

Khder was killed by a young Jewish man who pleaded guilty to taking the life of the Palestinian in an act of vengeance for what had happened to the three Israeli teens. Continue Reading »

HBO set to premiere show that led to 2014 Gaza War

The HBO miniseries follows the investigation of a brutally murdered Palestinian boy that was killed the day after the funerals of 3 Jewish teenagers that were kidnapped and later murdered by Hamas members, while hitchhiking home after school.



HBO is set to release the premiere of a series called Our Boys on August 12. The show will be a ten episode drama on the events leading up to the 2014 Gaza War, Deadline reported.

Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and later killed while hitchhiking to their homes in the West Bank. A day after the Jewish boys’ funerals. Continue Reading »