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Israeli Arabs Complain Representatives Care About Gaza, Not Their Safety

After 4 people murdered over the past week in ‘blood fueds’ & ‘honor killings’ in Arab towns, Israeli Arabs are frustrated at by the lack of interest from their elected Arab officials.

By Hassan Shaalan


“Arab MKs are dealing with Gaza and other things. It would appear they don’t care about what happens in the sector,” an angry resident of Tamra said Tuesday after a fourth person fell victim to violence in the Arab sector over the past week.

Three of the 4 victims from Arab community violence over the past week

A 60-year-old Tamra resident was shot to death on Tuesday night after unknown perpetrators on a motorcycle opened fire on a supermarket in the city. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Woman Hangs Her Pregnant Daughter in Hebron

This is the 20th Suspected ‘honor killing’ this year in Abbas’ Palestinian Authority-controlled area.

PA law caps sentencing for ‘honor’ murders at a mere 6 months in prison.

By Ari Soffer



A woman turned herself in to Palestinian Authority police on Sunday and confessed to brutally murdering her mentally-challenged daughter in an apparent “honor killing.”

(Illustration) The 20th Murder this year – Photo: Reuters

Gulf News reported that the woman admitted to beating her unmarried daughter, and then hanging her, after finding out that she was pregnant.

The shocking crime occurred in the Arab town of Yata, near Hevron. Continue Reading »