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Exclusive peek at Israel’s ‘Eyes on Syria’ – IDF’s MSS, or multi-sensory system

Ynet’s exclusive peek at the IDF’s advanced multi-sensory system (MSS) examines the new system deployed across Israel’s northeastern frontier, and with a flick of their joysticks, lookouts can spot rebels, regimes soldiers or Iranian threats deep within Syrian territory, down to the type of weapon they’re carrying.

By Yoav Zitun


The Syrian village of Al-Ahmadiyah sits on the road between New Quneitra—one of the last symbols of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad remaining in the Golan—and the southern part of the Golan Heights, which is controlled by the rebels.

Blurred here, the IDF’s view from the MSS affords amazingly detailed images.

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Israel stuns Arab media by exposing Hezbollah’s ‘new leader’ in Syria

Until the IDF openly identified Munir Ali Naim Shaiti, also known as Haj Hasham, as Hezbollah’s main man in Syria’s Golan, the Arabic-language press seems to have been taken off guard that he had replaced Samir Kuntar, who was assassinated the previous year.



As the war of words with Hezbollah continues, the security establishment is raising the lid over the identity of the Shi’ite terrorist group’s new top commander on the Golan Heights.

The IDF Military Intelligence Directorate has identified Hezbollah’s main man on the eastern, Syrian-held side of the Golan as Munir Ali Naim Shaiti, also known as Haj Hasham. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Female soldier nabs Hamas terrorists shooting at IDF on very first shift


During the performance of her very first guard shift after completing her specialized ‘lookout observer’ course, Pvt. Gali Badhani identified a terrorist aiming, then firing at Israeli forces from Gaza, prompting the IDF to destroy the Hamas outpost on Monday.

By Matan Tzuri


Despite military evaluations which conclude that Hamas presently has no interest in provoking Israel into another conflict with the Gaza Strip, a number of incidents have taken place in recent weeks which have prompted forceful responses from the IDF.

One such incident took place two weeks ago in which a member of Hamas began firing on IDF soldiers from an observer outpost inside the strip and was stopped thanks to a female soldier who spotted the attack near a military lookout post near Gaza in the Kissufim in the Negev

Shooting recorded on IDF camera (Watch 9 second mark very carefully)

Private Gali Badhani, was on her first guard shift since completing the lookout observer course when she spotted a Hamas terrorist loading his gun and taking aim against Israeli forces near Gaza in the Kissufim in the Negev. Continue Reading »

Undeterred, Deaf Woman Becomes Officer in IDF’s Combat Intel Corps


Last Thursday, a persevering Shira Kochavi became a 2nd lieutenant in the IDF Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, having refused the IDF’s edict that she shouldn’t serve.

By Danny Brenner


Second Lieutenant ‎Shira Kochavi, 22, was born deaf. In the first few months of her life, her parents noticed she did not respond to noises and voices, and examinations demonstrated that Kochavi was deaf in both ears. At the age of nine months, Kochavi underwent an operation that improved her hearing slightly, and she grew up with impaired hearing and a slight stutter. From the time she started school until it was time for her to enlist in the army, she used a hearing aid. Continue Reading »