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Arab-Israeli Christian Soldier: IDF is Most Moral Army in the World

After learning of Harvard University’s decision to host members of the radical anti-IDF organization, “Breaking the Silence,” Yoseph Haddad felt compelled to speak up as an ex-‘minority soldier’ in the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is facing increased efforts to besmirch both its governmental policies and the conduct of its military, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Christian Arab, Yoseph Haddad, Defends Israel – Photo: Ynet [unattributed]

But that has also resulted in a growing number of minority citizens and soldiers coming forward and exposing the half-truths and outright deceptions employed by the Jewish state’s detractors.

Among them is Yoseph Haddad, a 33-year-old Arab Israeli Christian from Nazareth who served proudly in the IDF during the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Qatar becomes third Arab country to ban “Wonder Woman” over Israeli actress



Qatar joins Lebanon and Tunisia to ban the int’l blockbuster film starring Gal Gadot, because she’s an Israeli veteran of the IDF.



Qatar has become the third Arab-majority country to ban the screening of the movie “Wonder Woman” because lead actress Gal Gadot is Israeli.

Gal Gadot appearing at IDF induction center – Photo: Shaul Golan/Yedioth Ahronoth

The film had been scheduled to premiere in Qatar Thursday and was being promoted by local theater chains VOX Cinemas Qatar and Novo Cinemas. But in the days before its scheduled release, the film was removed from cinema websites, Doha News reported. Continue Reading »

Palestinian cinema bans ‘Wonder Woman’ because Gal Gadot is Israeli


Palestinians are upset with past Facebook comment when Gadot said she was sending her “love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens. Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children.”

By i24NEWS


A movie theater in the Palestinian city of Ramallah has reportedly banned screenings of the new “Wonder Woman” film because it’s leading actress, Gal Gadot, is Israeli.

Gal Gadot – Selfie:Facebook

According to the local al-Hadath newspaper, Palestine Towers Cinema has made the decision not to screen the Hollywood blockbuster due to “political reasons related to the Israeli occupation and the Israeli actress starring in the film.”

The boycott follows similar measures taken by both Lebanon and Tunisia due to Gadot’s starring role.

Continue Reading »

Tunisia, like Lebanon, bans ‘Wonder Woman’ over Gal Gadot’s IDF service


After Lebanon banned Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, a Tunisian court decides to stop screening the ‘block-buster’ movie, also because of the Israeli born actress’s IDF background.

By Roi Kais


A court in Tunisia decided Wednesday to temporarily ban the screening of the film Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, after the film was banned from screening in Lebanon because of the Israeli actress.

Gal Gadot appearing at IDF induction center ‘Bakum’ – Photo: Shaul Golan/Yedioth Ahronoth

The Tunisian court’s decision was made after the Tunisian People’s Party filed a petition against the screening of the film, due to Gal Gadot’s service in the IDF, claiming that she was “a partner to the latest Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.”

The Tunisian Ministry of Culture planned to allow the screening of Wonder Woman, and in recent days the party attacked it: “The implementation of the move is another attempt to legitimize the option of normalization with the Israeli enemy, which national public opinion unanimously agrees to oppose and stop.”

Prevention of the screening in Tunisia is temporary and no final decision has been reached on the subject. Continue Reading »

Jordan considers following Lebanon banning ‘Wonder Woman’ over Israeli star


Jordan’s Communications Commission is considering banning “Wonder Woman” because the leading actress Gal Gadot, served in the Israel Defense Forces, ignoring the Hashemite Kingdom signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994, allowing them to gain vital intelligence from the IDF on a wide range of military matters.



Jordan is considering banning the film “Wonder Woman” because star Gal Gadot served in the Israel Defense Forces.

Jordan’s Communications Commission is currently reviewing the film to determine whether it meets the country’s standards and laws, the Israeli news website Ynet reported.

The review comes in the wake of Lebanon’s decision to ban the film as part of its total boycott of all things Israeli. Continue Reading »

IDF Major tells of her return to Ethiopian birthplace for spiritual Passover Seder


In an emotional letter, Maj. Yaros Shigot shares her unique experience as an IDF soldier who, for the first time, returned to her birthplace in Ethiopia where she read the Haggadah with the Jewish community on Passover night.

By Maj. Yaros Shigot


This is the story of a most exciting and unique Passover Seder for Ethiopian-born Maj. Yaros (Yerushalem) Shigot, who returned to Ethiopia this week for the first time since immigrating to Israel.The following moving letter, which was written to Yedioth Ahronoth by Shigot, who serves in the IDF’s Education Corps, contains the recordings of her journey, in which she shares her family history of their arduous journey to Israel, and explains why she shed tears while reading the Haggadah with the Jewish community in Addis Ababa. Continue Reading »

UK Muslim Minister calls on gov’t to prosecute Brits who served in the IDF


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Britain’s first Muslim cabinet minister likens IDF veteran citizens to ISIS fighters, saying they should be arrested & prosecuted upon their return to the UK.



Britain’s first Muslim cabinet minister has called for Brits who fight with the IDF to be prosecuted upon their return.

Sayeeda Warsi, a one-time Conservative Party chairwoman who resigned her cabinet post over the government policy on the 2014 Gaza war being “morally indefensible,” made the comments in an interview with Middle East Eye promoting the launch of her book The Enemy Within.

The former Foreign Office minister called on the government to close a loophole “designed to protect Israel,” which distinguishes between Brits who fight for countries like Israel and those who fight for non-state groups. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Female soldier nabs Hamas terrorists shooting at IDF on very first shift


During the performance of her very first guard shift after completing her specialized ‘lookout observer’ course, Pvt. Gali Badhani identified a terrorist aiming, then firing at Israeli forces from Gaza, prompting the IDF to destroy the Hamas outpost on Monday.

By Matan Tzuri


Despite military evaluations which conclude that Hamas presently has no interest in provoking Israel into another conflict with the Gaza Strip, a number of incidents have taken place in recent weeks which have prompted forceful responses from the IDF.

One such incident took place two weeks ago in which a member of Hamas began firing on IDF soldiers from an observer outpost inside the strip and was stopped thanks to a female soldier who spotted the attack near a military lookout post near Gaza in the Kissufim in the Negev

Shooting recorded on IDF camera (Watch 9 second mark very carefully)

Private Gali Badhani, was on her first guard shift since completing the lookout observer course when she spotted a Hamas terrorist loading his gun and taking aim against Israeli forces near Gaza in the Kissufim in the Negev. Continue Reading »

After attack by Muslims in Lyon 3 years ago, French Jew emigrated, now IDF soldier

On their way home from synagogue, 3 Muslims surrounded Reuven Abbou, and his sister. Protecting his sister, the 3 cut his face with a broken bottle. That’s when he decided to make aliyah, and now he calls on fellow French Jews to do the same.

By Danny Brenner


An awful experience three years ago inspired Cpl. Reuven Abbou, 20, a combat soldier in the Haruv Battalion in the Israel Defense Forces Kfir Brigade, to immigrate to Israel and serve in the IDF.

That fateful day, Abbou walked out of the synagogue in the French city of Lyon with his younger sister, Leah. Continue Reading »

IDF soldier wounded as patrol comes under fire from Lebanon



BREAKING: IDF soldier wounded by Lebanese gunfire in unprovoked attack along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

By David Rosenberg


An Israeli soldier was wounded by gunfire along the Lebanese border on Wednesday, and IDF spokesperson said.

IDF medic aiding injured soldier - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF medic aiding injured soldier – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“Shots were fired towards [IDF] forces on the border with Lebanon near Metullah, injuring a soldier,” a statement issued by the IDF read.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear and no further details are currently available.



View original Arutz Sheva publication at:

Continue Reading »

Blunder of epic proportions? Lebanon Army Day ad uses IDF soldiers as ‘good guys’ on Facebook


Finger-pointing, condemnations, and embarrassments follows an unforgivable gaffe when a social media post inadvertently uses photo of I.D.F. soldier in a celebration of Lebanese Army Day.

By Israel Hayom Staff


In an embarrassing gaffe, a Lebanese advertising company featured an image of an Israeli solider in a post commemorating Lebanon’s Army Day.

The original post commemorating Lebanon’s Army Day with an image of an IDF soldier  – Photo: Screenshot from Facebook

According to a report on the Walla news site, Virgin Ticketing Box-Office sparked a social media firestorm Monday, after an ad posted on its official Facebook page featured the image of an Israeli soldier, with the following caption: “Always keep your eyes on us, hero.”

Other Lebanese snafus:

  1. Israel Worried ‘Detained’ Vulture in Lebanon May Be Executed As ‘Mossad Spy’
  2. Lebanon Distracted From Local Violence as Native Porn Star Attracts Threats on Twitter
  3. Lebanon rejects rumors that imported Israeli tomatoes cause cancer
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Facebook users were quick to point out that the uniform and the corporal insignia on the soldier’s sleeve were not those of the Lebanese army. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: How Does The Israeli Defense Force REALLY Treat Palestinians


view videoYoung Israeli soldier makes a video-clip to explain the truth behind who the young men & women are wearing the IDF uniform.

By Israel Today Staff


Our friend in the Israeli army, Hananya Naftali, has produced another video clip aiming to bring some truth to the question of how Israeli soldiers treat Palestinian Arabs.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there in this regard, and it’s instructive to get some first-hand perspective from an Israeli soldier who also happens to be a fellow believer.

As Naftali points out in the video, where else in the world can a terrorist stab a soldier, be neutralized and then have the victim’s fellow soldiers provide medical attention to that same terrorist? Continue Reading »

Dubai woman names newborn after IDF officer who helped deliver, Hadi


Dubai woman traveling to West Bank goes into labor at Allenby border crossing, receives emergency medical assistance from an IDF Druse officer who delivered baby, named Hadi, after himself.



An Arab woman who delivered her baby at the Israeli-Jordanian border crossing on Tuesday named the infant after the IDF officer who helped her give birth.

The woman from Dubai accompanied by the Israeli officer. – Photo: ARAB MEDIA

The woman, heading from Dubai to the West Bank, arrived at Allenby border crossing when suddenly she started feeling contractions. An Israeli IDF officer who was present at the scene gave her initial medical treatment at the border crossing, after which he accompanied her to a hospital in Jericho. Continue Reading »

Witness confirms IDF soldier’s reason for killing neutralized terrorist


Paramedic who was at the scene of the Hevron terrorists attack defends the IDF soldier who fired the kill-shot at one of the terrorists: ‘We thought he had a bomb.’

By David Rosenberg


After an onslaught of condemnation from across the political spectrum against the soldier who killed a wounded terrorist, a witness present at the scene of Thursday’s stabbing attack in Hevron has corroborated a key element of his defense.

The soldier, who is now under investigation, claims that he feared the terrorist was carrying a suicide bomb vest, noting that the terrorist was wearing a thick coat despite the heat, possibly to conceal an explosive device.
Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF soldier suspended after killing subdued Palestinian would-be assassin 


view videoIsrael to investigate why IDF soldier shot dead a disarmed Palestinian terrorist who had earlier brutally stabbed a soldier in Hebron.


By i24news


An Israeli soldier was suspended on Thursday after a video emerged showing him shooting an attacker who had moderately wounded a soldier in Hebron, Israeli news site Ynet reported.

The soldier is seen shooting the assailant in the head as he lay on the ground, apparently incapable of moving and possibly already dead.

After the soldier fires, blood is seen flowing from the man’s head where it was not seen before.

“From an initial investigation, it appears that this was a serious incident that is contrary to the spirit of the IDF and what we expect of IDF soldiers and commanders,” said the Israeli military, adding that military police were opening an investigation and that the soldier had been suspended until a probe was completed. Continue Reading »