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Israeli PM Bennett says “Light Shield” to cost ‘just $2 per missile interception’

Israel’s proven “Light Shield” system, already under production for service by early 2023, is a ‘game-changer’ according to PM Bennett, saying the laser-based air defense system will ‘bankrupt’ Israel’s enemies, Lebanon, Palestinians & Iran, when downing their rockets at $2 per interception.

By Reuters


A laser-based air defense system that Israel hopes to deploy starting next year to neutralize enemy rockets and drones will cost just $2 per interception, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Wednesday.

Israel currently depends on defensive systems that launch interceptor missiles costing between tens of thousands and millions of dollars to track incoming projectiles.

Iron Beam can reportedly intercept drones, mortars, rockets, and anti-tank missile – Photo- Screengrab: Naftali Bennett

But the Iron Beam system, also called “Light Shield”, is a prototype unveiled last year, which uses lasers to super-heat and disable aerial threats. Continue Reading »

Israel’s ‘Iron Beam’ laser defense system ‘brings down mortars like flies’

‘Iron Beam’ by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems company is designed for threats too small to be dealt with by Iron Dome anti-missiles defense system.



A new air defense system being developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which uses lasers to shoot down low altitude threats, is able to bring down “mortars like flies,” Rafael’s CEO told the Israel Defense website on Wednesday.

US laser weapon technology

US laser weapon technology – Photo: US Navy Illustration

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Yedidia Yaari, former chief of the Israel Navy, said the Iron Beam system will be “very effective” once it becomes operational.

Israel Defense cited Yaari as saying that that Iron Beam successfully passed a feasibility test, and is currently in development stages. Continue Reading »

Israel reports: ‘Star Wars’ laser shield named ‘Iron Beam’ will cover entire region


An Israeli defense technology company has revealed details of a laser defense system with futuristic ‘Star Wars’ style technology which can disintegrate missiles and other projectiles from the sky with a pulse of energy.

By Daily Mail Reporter


State-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said the futuristic military hardware called Iron Beam was almost ready for deployment.

It works by firing a focused laser at targets which are heated so rapidly they disintegrate in an instant.

Iron Sheild

The arms maker publicised specifications of its High Energy Laser (HEL) at this week’s Singapore Airshow, which is Asia’s largest aerospace and defense exhibition. Continue Reading »

Israeli Star Wars ‘Iron Beam’ inches closer to deployment


A Rafael Advanced Defense Systems spokesman reports: “It’s exactly like what you see in Star Wars. You see the lasers go up so quickly, like a flash, and the target is finished.”

Iron Beam will complement the already proven Iron Dome.

By The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


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Israel’s Rafael announces a developed ‘Star Wars’-like laser missile shield


Israel’s futuristic ‘Iron Beam’ can actually disintegrate close-range rockets, mortars & drones in mid-flight.



SINGAPORE — An Israeli state-owned arms company developing a laser-based missile shield that evokes “Star Wars” style technology says its deployment over the country is closer to becoming a reality.

Hezbollah Katyusha - AP - 22/5/2011

Hezbollah guerrillas preparing Katyusha rockets at their base near the Lebanese-Israeli border in southern Lebanon – Photo: AP

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said development of the system was advanced enough for the company to be comfortable with publicizing it at this week’s Singapore Airshow, which is Asia’s largest aerospace and defense exhibition.

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