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Despite U.S. warning Islamic states to single Israel out at UN nuclear meeting


If resolution put forth by Muslim states expressing their concerns over ‘Israeli nuclear capabilities’ is adopted, the IAEA would seek Israel’s membership in a global anti-nuclear weapons treaty.

By Reuters 

Arab states will push ahead with a bid to single out Israel for criticism over its assumed atomic arsenal at this week’s UN nuclear agency meeting, despite Western pressure to refrain, a senior representative said on Friday.

Arab League summit - AP

The Arab countries foreign ministers summit at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013. – Photo: AP

Frustrated over the indefinite postponement last year of an international conference on banning atomic arms in the region, Arab states have proposed a non-binding resolution expressing concern about “Israeli nuclear capabilities.” Continue Reading »

Did Israel halt nuclear warhead production with 80 in 2004?


According to a ‘Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ report, Israel stopped its nuclear weapon development in 2004, after almost 40 years of its nuclear program.

Jerusalem has never confirmed nor denied possession of any nuclear devises.

By Ynet


A review of global nuclear weapons inventories published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists noted that the number of Israel’s nuclear warheads, the manufacturing of which has systematically progressed since 1967, has not grown – remaining at 80 – since 2004.

Alleged Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona – Photo: Tsafrir Abayov

The review is accompanied by a chart that calculates the nuclear stockpiles of the US, Russia, UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea since 1945. Continue Reading »

Arabs prepared to deliver anti-Israeli resolution to IAEA over alleged nukes


Arab states relaunching efforts to single out Israel for criticism at Int’l Atomic Energy Agency conference by presenting resolutions over Israel’s alleged possession of a nuclear arsenal, suggesting Jerusalem’s refusal to acknowledge it has such arms, threatens Mideast peace.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom


After a two-year hiatus, Arab nations are relaunching efforts to single out Israel for criticism at a major international conference by preparing a resolution over the country’s alleged nuclear arsenal, suggesting that the Jewish state’s refusal to acknowledge it has such arms is threatening Middle East peace.

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Beersheva showcases 1st public display of Israeli nuclear technology

The new nuclear exhibit, showing a model of Israel’s nuclear reactor core, is part of massive new science park in the southern city of Beersheva.

By Yossi Aloni


Israeli President Shimon Peres last week inaugurated a new science park in the southern city of Beersheva. The highlight of any visit to the park is a model of Israel’s nuclear reactor core in the nearby desert town of Dimona.

Model of Israel's nuclear reactor core opens to public

Model of Israel’s nuclear reactor core opens to public – Israel Today


The exhibit is the first public display of Israeli nuclear technology.

The sprawling science park covers an area of 17 acres, and features spectacular exhibits where children of all ages can play and learn about the scientific inventions, discoveries and developments that Israel has been a part of. Continue Reading »

Int’l Report: Israel possess 80 nuclear weapons


Annual global military assessment by Swedish think tank says Israel possess least number of warheads of all nations known to have viable nuclear weapons

By Ryan Jones



The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reports in the 2013 edition of its annual global security review that Israel possesses some 80 nuclear warheads.



According to SIPRI, 50 of Israel’s warheads are built for use atop medium-range ballistic missiles, while the other 30 are designed to be attached to bombs carried by aircraft. The Jewish state is also believed to have developed smaller, tactical nuclear munitions, such as artillery shells. Continue Reading »

UN Resolution calls on Israel to open nuclear facilities for inspection

UN General Assembly approves resolution calling on Israel to allow IAEA inspection of nuclear program & sign NPT

(Reminder: UNGA Resolutions are not legally binding, but do carry political weight.)

Associated Press


The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Monday calling on Israel to quickly open its nuclear program for inspection and backing a high-level conference to ban nuclear weapons from the Middle East which was just canceled.

Dimona reactor – Photo: Tsafrir Abayov

All the Arab nations and Iran had planned to attend the conference in mid-December in Helsinki, Finland, but the United States announced on Nov. 23 that it wouldn’t take place, citing political turmoil in the region and Iran’s defiant stance on nonproliferation. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu: German submarines prove commitment to Israeli security

German media reports about ongoing negotiations between Germany and Pakistan on the sale of nuclear submarines.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that submarines supplied by Germany to Israel are “a very important addition to our national security,” adding that “through them, [Germany] demonstrates its commitment to Israel’s security.”

The Dolphin-class submarine first entered service in 2000. – Photo- IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Netanyahu made the remarks in an interview with Kai Diekmann, chief editor of the German tabloid Bild, Europe’s most popular newspaper, in Jerusalem.

On Monday, another German newspaper, Der Spiegel, reported that submarines produced by Germany and supplied to Israel as part of an extensive arms deal are capable of launching nuclear-tipped cruise missiles – despite insistence by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the submarines provided to Israel are not nuclear-capable. Continue Reading »

Israel to phase out civilian atomic reactor by 2018

Facility at Soreq will be replaced by 2018 by a particle accelerator that will fulfill many of the same research and medical functions.

Israel is phasing out a civilian nuclear reactor to which it has admitted foreign inspectors while keeping a second reactor, widely believed to have produced atom bombs, off-limits, officials said on Tuesday.

The small facility at Soreq, which began operations in 1960 with a one-time stock of uranium fuel from the United States, will be replaced by 2017 or 2018 by a particle accelerator fulfilling many of the same research and medical functions

A short drive from Tel Aviv, Soreq has served as a showcase for cooperation with international counter-proliferation efforts, though Israel remains outside a voluntary 1970 treaty that would require it forswear nuclear weapons and open up its larger, secretive reactor in the southern desert town of Dimona.

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