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Jordan’s King outraged after being called “Foolish & Irresponsible” by Iran


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman: “The foolish and irresponsible statements by the King of Jordan indicate ignorance and a superficial understanding of the developments taking place in the region.”

By YASSER OKBI/Maariv HaShuva


The Jordanian Foreign Ministry said it “strongly protests” Tehran’s remarks about the monarch, and reminded the Islamic Republic to respect the “good neighborly relations with Arab states.”

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded that Iran’s ambassador to Amman explain comments attributed to the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry after a spokesperson described a statement from King Abdullah II of Jordan as “foolish and irresponsible.”

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania during the World Economic Forum in Jordan, 20 May 2007 – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ World Economic Forum

In an interview published by The Washington Post on April 6, Abdullah said that Iran has created “strategic problems” in the Middle East, while noting that Tehran is attempting to “forge a geographic link between…Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.” Continue Reading »