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U.S. at odds with Jordan’s reluctance to extradite Palestinian terrorist

The FBI is demanding Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, wanted for conspiring to use a WMD against American nationals, and helped orchestrate the 2001 massacre at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem where 15 people were killed, be extradited from Jordan immediately.

By Associated Press


The U.S. is considering withholding aid to one of its closest Arab partners, Jordan, in a bid to secure the extradition of a woman convicted in Israel of a 2001 bombing that killed 15 people, including two American citizens.

The administration says it’s weighing “all options” to press Jordan to extradite Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, who is wanted by the U.S. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s Wakf Council announces intention to renovate Golden Gate site

The announcement came following understandings reached by Israeli and Jordanian officials who’ve been holding intensive talks in the past few weeks in an attempt to reach an agreement to end the tension on the Temple Mount.



In a move signaling the possible end of the crisis, the Wakf Council announced on Wednesday that it will start “immediate renovation and reconstruction work” at the Golden Gate site on the Temple Mount, also known as Bab a-Rahma. The announcement was made after an emergency meeting of the Wakf Council in east Jerusalem.

The council did not say how long the renovation work at the contested site would continue. Continue Reading »

Arab Leaders in Davos Agree: Peace Talks Should Resume Despite Jerusalem Controversy

– Saudi FM, “It will be possible to renew negotiations despite the current crisis…”
– King Abdullah II of Jordan, “Renewing the negotiations is dependent on goodwill expressed by both parties.” 



Arab leaders in Davos expressed optimism Wednesday about the possibility of renewing Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, despite controversy over the recent US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

King Abdullah II of Jordan – Photo: World Economic Forum/Wikimedia

King Abdullah II of Jordan told Maariv during the Davos conference that, following US President Donald Trump’s announcement and intention to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, he would rather see the glass half full and focus on relations with Israel and how these ties can promote peace. Continue Reading »

Jordanian King to visit Palestinian autocrat for support, and ‘to send a message’


Jordan’s Abdullah II plans a rare visit to Ramallah on Monday in show of support for the Palestinian leader and the Palestinian people amid tension with Israel from the Temple Mount magnetometers stand-off and then the shooting that killed 2 at Israel’s Amman embassy.

By Elior Levy & Roi Kais


Jordan’s King Abdullah II is scheduled to visit the Palestinian Authority on Monday to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas.

Fatah leadership member Mohammad Shtayyeh said this was “a visit of solidarity and coordination, which proves the Palestinians and Jordanians speak with one voice.”

He was referring to the shared positions with regards to the Temple Mount as well as the American efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s King outraged after being called “Foolish & Irresponsible” by Iran


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman: “The foolish and irresponsible statements by the King of Jordan indicate ignorance and a superficial understanding of the developments taking place in the region.”

By YASSER OKBI/Maariv HaShuva


The Jordanian Foreign Ministry said it “strongly protests” Tehran’s remarks about the monarch, and reminded the Islamic Republic to respect the “good neighborly relations with Arab states.”

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded that Iran’s ambassador to Amman explain comments attributed to the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry after a spokesperson described a statement from King Abdullah II of Jordan as “foolish and irresponsible.”

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania during the World Economic Forum in Jordan, 20 May 2007 – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ World Economic Forum

In an interview published by The Washington Post on April 6, Abdullah said that Iran has created “strategic problems” in the Middle East, while noting that Tehran is attempting to “forge a geographic link between…Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.” Continue Reading »

King of Morocco hints to global terrorism should US embassy move to Jerusalem


Sky News Arabic reported on Tuesday, that Morocco’s King Mohammed VI warned the U.S. that moving their embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would have “grave repercussions on security & peace” in the region and “the entire world.”

By i24news


Relocating the embassy “would undermine efforts for the just settlement of the Palestinian issue, as well as result in disastrous repercussions on security and peace in the Middle East region and the entire world,” the King’s message said, according to the report.

The King also wrote a letter to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said Sky News, in which he vowed that Morocco holds a “deep belief in justice for the Palestinian cause and that what they have done to the city of Jerusalem is of utmost importance.” Continue Reading »

Israel TV2: Jerusalem messages King Abdullah that Jordan breaches Temple Mount status quo




Following Jordanian King Abdullah II’s criticism of Israel over recent violence on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Israel reportedly responded to the monarchy and indicated that Jordan itself was allowing the status quo at the site to be broken.

According to a Channel 2 report on Monday, Israel communicated to Jordan that it should not be shirking its own responsibility at the Temple Mount and that it was in fact the Jordanian Waqf that has allowed the rioters who were armed with stones to sleep in al-Aksa Mosque. Continue Reading »

Arabs attack Jerusalem police on Temple Mount for 3rd straight day




Rioting broke out Tuesday for a third straight day at the Temple Mount as police came to secure the contested Jerusalem holy site for Jewish visitors on the second day of Rosh Hashana.

When Israeli security forces entered the plaza of the site dozens of  masked Palestinian youth met them with a barrage of stones, blocks, and firecrackers, police said.

Continue Reading »

King Abdullah II of Jordan threatens Israel on Jerusalem ‘provocation’


view videoKing Abdullah II told journalists that Jordan will be forced “to take actions” over Israel’s “provocation” on the Temple Mount should it continue.

By i24news


Jordan’s king warned Israel on Monday that any further “provocation” in Jerusalem where Israeli police have clashed with Muslims at Al-Aqsa mosque would damage ties between the two countries.

“Any more provocation in Jerusalem will affect the relationship between Jordan and Israel” which have a 1994 peace accord but which has custodian rights over the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, said King Abdullah II following a second day of clashes at the flashpoint holy site in east Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

King Abdullah Orders to Boycott 20 Year Anniversary of Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty

Despite Israel’s PM Netanyahu’s reassurances to Abdullah, Jordan’s king instructs Kingdom officials not to attend the 20th anniversary ceremony for peace accords in Jordan Valley, citing Temple Mount tensions as reason.

By Cynthia Blank


Israel’s tension with Jordan continues – possibly leaving the peace agreement between the two countries in jeopardy.

Days after withdrawing its ambassador to Israel back to Jordan, citing clashes on the Temple Mount, King Abdullah II reportedly cancelled Jordanian participation in a ceremony scheduled to begin this week marking 20 years of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty.

Despite Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassurances to Abdullah by telephone Thursday that he has no intention of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount, despite the demands of Jewish activists, the cancellation was still implemented. Continue Reading »

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Protest Against Israel-Palestinian Peace

1200 Muslim Brotherhood supporters demonstrated in Jordan against Kerry’s peace initiative, burning Israeli flags.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Hundreds of Islamists rallied in Jordan on Friday against a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Jordanians protests against Kerry’s framework – Photo: Reuters

The largest protest in months came hours before Jordan’s King Abdullah was scheduled to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama in California.

The 1,200 protesters affiliated with Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood, who demonstrated against Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace framework, also burned the Israeli flag, reported AP.

The protesters also demanded that King Abdullah II “revoke the peace treaty with the Zionists,” the report said, referring to the 1994 peace treaty signed between the two countries. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s king: Palestinians may launch Arab Spring if peace talks don’t resume

London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reports King Abdullah II warning of ‘new intifada or a new cycle of violence and counter violence’ if Palestinians feel prospects for a peaceful settlement of their conflict with Israel have reached a dead end.

By Reuters

Jordan‘s King Abdullah believes that Palestinians could launch an Arab Spring-style revolt if they felt prospects for a peaceful settlement of their conflict with Israel had reached a dead end, a pan-Arab newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Jordan's King Abdullah speaks in Amman, February 20, 2011.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II – Photo: Reuters

He welcomed efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, but warned of a narrowing window for peace due to Israeli settlement building, according to the report in the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. Continue Reading »

U.S. President: Syrian gov’t use of chemical weapons a ‘game changer’

In a White House meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Obama says ‘We cannot stand by and permit the systematic use of weapons like chemical weapons on civilian populations.’

By Reuters


U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday that the deployment of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was a “game changer” while noting that intelligence assessments proving that such weapons had been used were still preliminary.


Obama and King Abdullah - AP - April 26, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama listens to Jordan’s King Abdullah II during their meeting – Photo: AP


“Horrific as it is when mortars are being fired on civilians and people are being indiscriminately killed, to use potential weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations crosses another line with respect to international norms and international law,” Obama told reporters at the White House. Continue Reading »

Abbas & Abdullah Playing the Jerusalem Card

Article IV of the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement agreement states the following:

“All necessary measures shall be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale, and as quickly as possible to settle Jewish immigrants upon the land through closer settlement and intensive” cultivation of the soil.

By Mudar Zahran


The “Judaization” of the British Mandate for Palestine was the very thing the Hashemites were committed to support, in exchange for establishing an Arab state under Hashemite rule. The terms of the agreement were clear: Jews were to settle in the British Mandate for Palestine with no exclusion of Jerusalem.

Continue Reading »

Interview with Jordanian King: Relations with Israel ‘very strong’

In an interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan, he says discussions with the Israeli PM ‘have really improved’ but says he fears it may be too late for a 2-state solution.

By Yitzhak Benhorin


WASHINGTON – Relations between Jordan’s King Abdullah and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have tightened and are “very strong,” the monarch said on Monday. In an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, King Abdullah II said, “Our discussions have really improved.” According to reports, the two met late last month.

נתניהו במפגש קודם עם המלך עבדאללה. "קשר חזק" (צילום: משה מילנר/ לע"מ)

Netanyahu and King Abdullah – Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO

At around late December it was reported that Netanyahu had secretly traveled to Amman to discuss the Syrian civil war with the king. Continue Reading »