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Poles Rally to Restore Historic pre-Holocaust Synagogue


Polish campaigners desperately seeking additional support saying that unless matching funds are found soon, the Krasnik synagogue restoration project is at risk.

By Michael Freund


The European Union has awarded a grant to a Warsaw-based Jewish organization to restore an historic synagogue compound in the Polish town of Krasnik, but campaigners say the project may be cancelled if additional matching funds are not raised within the next two months.

Inside the historic Krasnik Synagogue – Photo: FODZ

The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, known by its Polish acronym FODZ, was awarded nearly $2 million by the EU, “but the grant was given on condition that we raise another $650,000 in matching funds,” said FODZ president Monika Krawczyk, who was visiting Jerusalem this week. Continue Reading »