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Hachenburg cinema offers Germany’s AfD members free Schindler’s List screening

West German town cinema invites far-right ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) members to view a free screening of Schindler’s List, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.
– A party representatives told SWR, “We find the fact that the AfD is being linked to the Holocaust … to be an unspeakable error.”

By Polina Garaev


A cinema in the West German town of Hachenburg will mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 with a screening of Steven Spielberg’s world-acclaimed film Schindler’s List. Viewers will be asked to pay €7 admission, but for those who show their Alternative for Germany (AfD) party membership card, entrance will be free. Continue Reading »

Stan Lee’s final essay, ‘Comic Books and the Holocaust’

Jewish cartoonist, Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, laureate of the 2008 National Medal of Arts, saw the comic book medium as an educational tool that can promote an effective channel in combating anti-Semitism.


Note: Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, who passed away this week, took a strong interest in the Holocaust in recent years. His final published essay appeared as the introduction to the recent book We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust, by Neal Adams, Rafael Medoff, and Craig Yoe (IDW / Yoe Books, 2018). 

We Spoke Out features Holocaust-related comic book stories, including superheroes from Stan Lee’s Marvel Universe such as Captain America, the X-Men, and Captain Marvel. Continue Reading »

Holocaust institute switches trips from Poland to Ukraine over ‘Holocaust Law’

The Israeli Holocaust education institute said the end of trips to Poland is to send “a clear message of rejection of the state’s interference with the narrative of the Holocaust,” when it outlawed ‘claims of Polish collaboration’ during the nazi genocide.

By Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA


A Holocaust education institute that trains guides for study trips abroad said it will switch it activities to Ukraine from Poland following that country’s law prohibiting some rhetoric about the genocide.

The Shem Olam Institute, located in a small village in central Israel and which includes a small museum, focuses on religious life during the Holocaust, and has so far trained some 20 guides for Holocaust study trips in Poland. Continue Reading »

After seeing Schindler’s List, Swiss bank guard rescues Holocaust-era records

By snatching 2 Swiss bank ledgers bound for the shredder in 1997, Christoph Meili helped the relatives of Jews murdered by Nazi Germany to recover $1.25 billion the Union Bank of Switzerland planned to keep for itself.
• The incident sparked a political crisis for Switzerland, financial disaster for Swiss banks and drove Meili into exile after receiving death threats.

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


The Swiss night watchman who ignited a furor over Holocaust victims’ missing wealth two decades ago is now reliving the ordeal that involved his dream of becoming a hero after the example of Oskar Schindler turned into a nightmare. Continue Reading »

Gazan’s to dress as Jewish concentration camp prisoners for Friday’s protest

Israel’s TV Nightly News reported  Palestinians will be wearing the Holocaust-like striped camp uniforms while marching toward Gaza’s border fence, with Hamas expecting them to infiltrate into Israel during Friday’s border riots.



Palestinians are expected to protest along the Gaza border fence on Friday wearing clothing made to resemble uniforms worn by prisoners in concentration camps in the Holocaust, Channel 2 News reported on Thursday.

The report says Gazans wearing the uniforms will march toward the border fence and Hamas intends to incite people to try and cross the fence.

The report also cites Palestinian media and social media saying at least 1,500 terror kites are being prepared for the protests. Continue Reading »

Argentina newspaper targeted as possible test-case of Polish Holocaust Law

The Polish League Against Defamation was the first to test Poland’s controversial Holocaust law, when it filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Argentinian daily newspaper Pagina 12, even though the article was published before the legislation was passed.



A major Argentinian newspaper has become the first target of Poland’s new Holocaust legislation, which took effect Thursday despite Israeli diplomatic pressure.

World War II atrocity in Jedwabne: Map of the crime scene compiled on the basis of court documents from Poland. The march of the Jews to the barn of Bronisław Śleszyński marked in red – Photo: Poeticbent

The nationalist Polish League Against Defamation organization filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Argentinian daily Pagina 12’s website, which it says used a photo of post-Second World War Polish resistance fighters in a December 2017 article about the 1941 Jedwabne pogrom. Continue Reading »

Provocative Holocaust video pulled from YouTube was offensive to Poles

Over 600,000 sign petition calling for U.S. to cut ties with Poland until the new Polish law that criminalized attributing Holocaust atrocities to Polish state or nation, is rescinded.
• While the new law is contested by Israel and Jews world-wide, a Polish journalist says video “spits in the face of every Pole.”

By Dan Lavie, Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


The Ruderman Family Foundation, a prominent, private Jewish-American Foundation based in Boston, removed a video from YouTube on Wednesday that had sparked outrage in Poland .

The video provocatively used the term “Polish Holocaust,” which is historically inaccurate, to protest a controversial new Polish law criminalizing the suggestion that Poland was complicit with Nazi Germany’s crimes, especially the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

Today’s role of “Black Propaganda” and the Holocaust

Europe’s rise in anti-Semitism stems from an acute indifference to the horrors of the Holocaust, that stems from the lack of a proper education, the ongoing ‘black propaganda’ and disinformation still being waged against the Jews, vis-à-vis Israel.



The Shoah was one of the gravest tragedies in history, yet many countries were apathetic and indifferent at the time. It took quite a while for the United States to take action. The United Kingdom was aware of what was happening, nevertheless, it initially followed a policy that emboldened Hitler. Today, even though in Western countries the Holocaust has acquired its status and is affirmed in the legislation of many, things are quite different in the Muslim world. Continue Reading »

German court rejects 96 year-old ex-Nazi guard’s plea for clemency

Germany rejected a plea for clemency from the former Auschwitz guard, Oskar Groening, requiring him to begin his jail sentence for his participation in the death of 300,000 Hungarian Jews.



A plea for clemency filed by a 96-year-old former Auschwitz guard ordered by Germany’s highest court to serve his prison sentence for his role in the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews has been denied.

Left: Oskar Groening as a young man in an SS uniform in an undated photo; right: Groening in the dock of the court in Lueneburg, northern Germany, Tuesday, April 21, 2015. – AP

German media reported that prosecutors said Wednesday that the clemency plea filed by Oskar Groening was rejected, Reuters reported. Continue Reading »

While visiting Lithuania, Japanese PM pays tribute to Chiune Sugihara, who saved Jews

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits memorial to WWII Japanese Ambassador, Chiune Sugihara, a ‘Japanese Schindler’ who saved 5,558 European Jews from the Holocaust by disregarding his superiors in Tokyo and issued them entry visas to Japan.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday visited a memorial to a Japanese diplomat who saved 5,558 European Jews from the Holocaust by issuing visas from war-torn Lithuania, in defiance of Tokyo.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited this former Japanese consulate in Kaunas to pay tribute Chiune Sugihara. – Photo: Bonio/Wikimedia

Abe visited the two-story building, now a museum, which housed the consulate where Chiune Sugihara worked in the Baltic state’s second city Kaunas. Continue Reading »

Israeli actors unite to restore forsaken ancient Jewish cemetery in Macedonia

Actors from Israel’s Cameri and Habima theaters stage a joint performance of the Polish play ‘Our Class,’ about the Jewish persecution during WWII. All the revenues are to be dedicated to the restoration and preservation of thousands of headstones in the ancient Jewish cemetery in Bitola, Macedonia, the only surviving remnant since the Nazi-annihilated community perished.

By Itamar Eichner


Actors from the Israeli Habima and Cameri theaters will join forces to preserve the ancient Jewish cemetery of the city of Bitola in Macedonia, Which lost its entire Jewish population during the Holocaust.

Two years after the actors visited, they decided to put on a special show whose proceeds would be devoted to the rehabilitation of the cemetery and about 6,000 of its neglected tombstones. Continue Reading »

Israeli art student obstinately justifies stealing Holocaust artifacts from Auschwitz

After removing the materials from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, an Israeli art student tells a local newspaper she can “act according to her own laws,” having no qualms about stealing assorted items for an exhibition in her graduation show.

By i24NEWS


An Israeli woman facing potential charges in Poland after she snatched artifacts from the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp for use in her college art project has insisted that she can “act according to her own laws.”

Removing items from the site, where more than one million people are estimated to have been murdered during the Holocaust, is strictly prohibited, a rule made clear by numerous signs dotted around the compound.

Continue Reading »

Netanyahu Told French President Macron: Israel Won’t Tolerate Iranian Bases in Syria, Lebanon

During a two-hour meeting in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu declares very clearly that Jerusalem will not allow, under any circumstances, for Iran to establish ground or air bases for their soldiers in Syria, or Lebanon.



PARIS – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel opposes the US-Russian-brokered cease-fire in Syria because it perpetuates Iran’s military presence in the country and told French President Emmanuel Macron that Iran wants to establish air, land and sea bases in Lebanon, something Jerusalem cannot tolerate.

The warning came during a two-hour meeting the two leaders held in the Élysée Palace, after a ceremony earlier in the day marking 75 years since the roundup and deportation of more than 13,000 French Jews during the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

Brit apologizes for uncle preventing SS Exodus with Holocaust victims from reaching Israel


After learning of her uncle’s role aboard a UK destroyer that denied Holocaust survivors sailing to Israel aboard the Exodus from reaching the soon-to-be Jewish State, violinist Verity Steele finds a unique and touching way to apologize.

By Yaniv Halili & Israel Moskowitz


British citizen Verity Steele was shocked to discover that her uncle had taken an active role in forcing the Exodus—the famed ship carrying Holocaust survivors seeking to come to the Land of Israel, then called Palestine—to turn back to Europe. As a supporter of Israel, his niece Verity has found her own way to apologize.

The event itself took plane on July 11th, 1947 when the SS Exodus sailed from the south of France with some 4,500 Holocaust survivors on board. Continue Reading »

Newly released UN documents prove allies knew of Jewish genocide years earlier


Newly released documents show the Allied Powers did little to stop the genocide, with one minister in the UK war department, Viscount Cranborne, commenting, ‘Jews are not a special case and that Britain is burdened with too many refugees as it is.’



Newly released documents provided by the United Nations revealed on Tuesday that the Allied Powers were well aware of the Jewish Holocaust at the hands of the Nazi regime at least two-and-a-half years earlier than commonly thought, according to The Independent.

Auschwitz prisoner’s barracks – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The documents, not seen for more than 70 years, showed at the same time that the Allies, made up of the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom, had prepared war crime indictments against Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his top subordinates.

Continue Reading »