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French court renders verdict: Jerusalem light rail doesn’t violate int’l law

French court dismisses claim that French firms violated human rights by building the transit system  through “occupied territory”.



A French court ruled that Israel did not violate international law by building a light rail line in eastern Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s light rail – Photo: IsraelandStuff.com/PP


The ruling on March 22 by the Versailles Court of Appeals came in response to a lawsuit filed in 2007 by the Palestine Liberation Organization and the France-Palestine Solaridite association against three French firms that participated in the construction of the light rail network. The plaintiffs claimed that the firms were responsible for human rights and international law violations. Continue Reading »

Soldier Wounded in Light Rail Stabbing Attack

In the first major terror attack reported on Jerusalem’s light rail, a female soldier was stabbed by an Arab, who fled the scene

An Israeli female soldier in her early 20s was stabbed while riding on Jerusalem’s light rail Thursday morning. The stabber was an Arab who ran away from the scene of the stabbing, witnesses said. The stabbing occurred as the train was traveling through the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in northern Jerusalem. Service has been suspended on trains in the north of the city.

At the scene of Thursday's light rail attack

At the scene of Thursday's light rail attack - Photo by Hezki Ezra

Police have opened an investigation. Continue Reading »