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Lebanese Billionaire Builds Warships for Israel’s Navy


Shipbuilding group Abu Dhabi MAR, owned and managed by Iskandar Safa, a Lebanese, is building much of Israel’s navy.

By Israel Today Staff


Last week it was reported that Iran holds nearly 5 percent of shares in the German conglomerate supplying Israel’s submarines.

Perhaps more surprising is that the conglomerate in question, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, works hand-in-hand with Abu Dhabi MAR to provide naval surface vessels to various nations, including Israel.

Iskandar Safa - Photo alchetron

Iskandar Safa – Photo: Alchetron

Abu Dhabi MAR is partly owned and is fully managed by Iskandar Safa, a French-Lebanese billionaire from a Maronite Christian family in northern Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Assassination Plot Revealed After Lebanese Church Patriarch visits Israel

Lebanese daily report security forces arrested a suspect in plot to assassinate Maronite Church Patriarch Beshara Rai, who defied warnings from Hezbollah by accompanying Pope Francis on his visit to Israel.


The head of Lebanon’s Maronite Church, Patriarch Beshara Rai, continued his visit in Israel and toured ruins of a Maronite village near the Lebanese border on Wednesday as an assassination plot against him was reported.

Lebanese Maronite Church Patriarch Beshara Rai

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai (C) holds a cross during his visit to Birim, a northern Israeli village, May 28, 2013 – Photo: REUTERS

Lebanon’s security forces arrested a suspect who confessed to working with regional intelligence agencies in a plot to assassinate Rai, security sources told The Daily Star on Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Israeli Christians Ask Israel to Rebuild its 1948 Village


Israel’s Maronite Christians hope to exploit the Pope’s visit to spark revival of their ancient Galilee village.

By Ryan Jones


Another interesting aspect of Pope Francis’ visit to the region this week involved the Maronite Church, whose Lebanon-based patriarch defied hostile Arab voices and joined the pontiff in Israel.

Israeli Christians Urge Israel to Rebuild Their Village

Ruins of the ancient synagogue at Kfar Baram – Photo source: Israel Today

The Maronite Church is part of the broader Catholic Church. It has traditionally been far less hostile toward Israel than other churches in the Middle East. That is especially true of the Maronites living in Israel, a great many of whom volunteer to serve in the IDF. Continue Reading »

Lebanon Maronite Christians feel besieged ahead of Pope Benedict’s visit

Pope Leo X in 1510 called Lebanon’s Christians a “rose” among “infidels, schismatics & heretics”; Excitement over the Pope’s visit have replaced fear among Christians for now.



BEIRUT – In 1510, Pope Leo X thanked Divine Providence for having preserved the Maronite Christians through the hardest of times, “planted among infidels, schismatics and heretics as in a field of error.”

Pope Benedict XVI waves as he gives Urbi et Orbi - Photo: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Pope Benedict XVI waves as he gives Urbi et Orbi – Photo: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

He described them as a “rose among thorns, an impregnable rock in the sea, unshaken by the waves and fury of the thundering tempest.”

Continue Reading »