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Israel’s newest corvette missile ship arrives from Germany

It will take around 18 months for Israel to complete installing the latest technologies and weapons systems, 90% of which are uniquely Israeli-made, on the INS Magen, the newest and most technologically advanced Sa’ar 6 class corvette missile ship.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


At the conclusion of a long process of construction and extensive preparation in Germany, the new Saar 6 warship will run up the Israeli flag on Wednesday as it is officially transferred to the Israeli navy. It will then set out on a journey that will end with its renaming as INS Magen in its new home in the Haifa base. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy rescues French sailor drifting off Gaza coast

After several weeks lost in the Mediterranean, a French mariner is picked up by an Israel Naval patrol after his yacht malfunctioned and was discovered adrift off the Gaza coastline.

By Yoav Zitun


International rescue: The Israeli Navy recovered a lost and injured French sailor aboard a yacht floating in the waters off the Gaza Strip on Friday.

The small yacht’s steering system had malfunctioned during a storm several weeks ago, and since then the vessel had been drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. The stranded man had fallen ill during his time lost at sea, and was evacuated to a nearby Israeli hospital to recover. Continue Reading »

Photoessay: IDF Navy delegation participates in world’s largest naval exercise

The 2018 Rim of the Pacific Exercise was carried out by select naval units from 26 countries, in a massive maritime exercise in which the ‘enemy’ threatens a critical sea route, similar to a scenario where the Strait of Hormuz is being threatened by Iran.

By Yoav Zitun


For the very first time, an IDF Navy delegation took part in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC), the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise. During the drill, which took place near Hawaii last month, Israeli officers joined the commanding team. The exercise included 25 participants from 26 countries, 47 warships, 200 fighter planes, and five submarines. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Navy intercepts Swedish-flagged, Gaza-bound vessel

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported the Israeli Navy intercepted a second Gaza-bound vessel, supposedly carrying ‘humanitarian aid’ for the Palestinians.

By AFP & Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli navy intercepted a Swedish-flagged boat aiming to reach Gaza, the IDF said on Saturday.

“The ship was monitored and was intercepted in accordance with international law,” an IDF spokesperson said. “It was brought to the Ashdod base.”

The Kårstein (top) was intercepted Sunday 29 July, and the Hurriyah (Freedom) was intercepted today trying to reach Gaza – Facebook

“The incident ended with no unusual events.”

Twelve people were aboard the “Freedom for Gaza.” Continue Reading »

Captain of seized Gaza bound boat accuses IDF of breaking int’l law

Captain of the Norwegian vessel that ignored the Gaza blockade claims the Israeli Navy illegally boarded his ship in international waters (actually that’s a requirement under maritime law when enforcing a legal blockade – I&S) and used violent force against activists (who “were reluctant to cooperate and to follow orders,”).



The captain of a Norwegian boat carrying pro-Palestinian activists en route to Gaza has accused Israeli authorities of violating the law by boarding the vessel in international waters and using violent force against its crew, who were arrested.

Norway has asked Israel to explain the circumstances surrounding the arrests and “the allegations of excessive use of force,” a Norwegian government spokesman told AFP on Thursday. Continue Reading »

It’s Over: Israeli Navy intercepts Gaza ‘flotilla,’ ship towed to Ashdod

The carnival is over: Israeli naval vessels intercepts and seizes boat loaded with protesters and ‘a few boxes of medical supplies’ as a token gesture of rendering humanitarian assistance, attempting to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

By Gary Willig


A vessel attempting to break Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip was stopped Sunday, ‘Freedom Flotilla’ organizers claimed.

The ‘al-Awda’ (Return) (top) and the Hurriyah (Freedom), will try to reach Gaza – Facebook

The seized ship, the ‘al-Awda’ (Return), was one of two vessels that attempted to break the blockade Sunday. The other ship, ‘Freedom,’ has not yet approached the blockade. Continue Reading »

Israel Navy integrates advanced sonar systems to detect Hamas commando incursions

Mounted on a small & fast amphibious assault ships, the “Simba” sonar can accurately identify & locate the position  within a radius of many kilometers, Hamas commando infiltrations into Israel by sea for immediate action.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israeli Navy is currently implementing the “Simba”, a mobile sonar for precise location in shallow waters, designed to quickly and precisely identify terrorist infiltrations into Israel by sea, mainly from the Gaza Strip.

Three and a half years since the last naval incursion into the Zikim Beach just north of the Gaza Strip during the Operation Protective Edge, the IDF estimates that Hamas’ naval commando has improved dramatically and already includes hundreds of trained fighters equipped with advanced diving systems. Continue Reading »

Ynet Photo-journal of Israel’s Navy: Defending Israel’s borders, citizens 24/7

Tasked with protecting Israel’s borders & citizens, this photo essay of Israeli Navy’s 3 operational sectors, Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat presents the soldiers & vessels patrolling off the shores of the Jewish State, defending it against real threats from both sea & land.

By Ynet


The Israel Navy’s warships and patrol boats are usually somewhat shrouded in mystery, carrying out oftentimes-clandestine operations far from Israel’s shores.

Now, in this special photographic essay, the Navy has agreed to pull back the curtain and allow a rare glimpse at the vessels and people tasked with defending Israel’s maritime borders.



The Haifa theater is the name of the IDF’s naval division near the northern city, incorporating many units including the missile boat flotilla. Continue Reading »

The Ever Evolving Israel Navy

Expansion of Israel’s Mediterranean exclusive economic zone, threats that emanate from Lebanon, and the bravado broadcasted from Gaza, challenge the IDF’s continual augmentation of Israel’s ‘small’ naval fleet.



Some 30 meters underground in the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv sits the Navy War Room, whence senior officers can see every wave crashing on the nation’s shores and every ship and plane in or over its territorial waters.

The Israel Navy is small compared to other IDF corps, and it has a large territory to protect since the expansion of the country’s Mediterranean exclusive economic zone (EEZ) from 40 miles to 150 miles four years ago, a senior naval officer said on Tuesday. Continue Reading »

Gaza fisherman shot by Israeli naval forces later dies after breaching blockade


The Gaza Strip has been under both Israeli and Egyptian blockade for more than a decade from importing weapons or materials used  to make them by the Hamas gov’t & Palestinian militants in Gaza, having fought three wars since 2008.

By i24NEWS – AFP


A Gazan fisherman shot by Israeli naval forces on Monday after allegedly breaching the naval blockade off the Palestinian enclave has died from his wounds, an Israeli military spokeswoman said.

The fisherman’s family identified him as 25-year-old Mohammed Majed Bakr.

Israeli Navy זרוע הים patrolling the coast – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Facebook

He was seriously injured and was evacuated to an Israeli hospital for medical treatment, an Israeli military spokeswoman said, where he later succumbed to his wounds. Continue Reading »

Magazine: Training for Israel’s Dolphin-class submarine fleet


Walking from the periscope simulator to see the elevator-like diving simulator, one passes a poster of a sub’s conning tower peeking through the ocean surface and two real dolphins jumping from the water, reminding us of where this submarine class got its name.



‘Push the wheel forward,” the trainer says. The helm of a submarine looks like the controls of a large commercial airliner. It tilts forward and backward depending on whether someone wants the submarine to dive or surface. On either side of the steering column are two panels with buttons indicating alarms and autopilot functions. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF navy unveils Sea Knight by Rafael, rocket launching unmanned vessel


VIDEO: After two years of trials, the Sea Knight comes to replace an older, smaller, less efficient version, that’s been upgraded with heavier armaments and can participate in special ops without endangering soldiers’ lives.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israeli Navy’s 916th Company successfully concluded the experimental period of the first model of the Sea Knight—an unmanned vessel that was successfully put into action two years ago.

In most cases, it can be controlled from a mobile caravan located in the unit’s base in Ashdod. If necessary, it can also be operated from ships at sea during special operations.

The Sea Knight is an upgraded version of the Protector, both made by Rafael. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Billionaire Builds Warships for Israel’s Navy


Shipbuilding group Abu Dhabi MAR, owned and managed by Iskandar Safa, a Lebanese, is building much of Israel’s navy.

By Israel Today Staff


Last week it was reported that Iran holds nearly 5 percent of shares in the German conglomerate supplying Israel’s submarines.

Perhaps more surprising is that the conglomerate in question, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, works hand-in-hand with Abu Dhabi MAR to provide naval surface vessels to various nations, including Israel.

Iskandar Safa - Photo alchetron

Iskandar Safa – Photo: Alchetron

Abu Dhabi MAR is partly owned and is fully managed by Iskandar Safa, a French-Lebanese billionaire from a Maronite Christian family in northern Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Israel’s menace from the depths, its new fleet of Dolphin class subs

Col. (res.) Michael Kesari, who headed the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin submarine project with Germany, offers an in depth look into how “the best conventional submarine in the world” was developed & built.

By Aharon Lapidot


A submarine is a an expensive tool of war, and if anyone thinks the public discussion over purchasing submarines for the Israeli Navy began only a few days ago, they need to think again.

 Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The idea to buy submarines from Germany was first raised in the 1980s, after the Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy clip shows Gaza-bound ship smuggling weapons destroyed


view videoWATCH: The small craft, disguised as a Palestinian ‘fishing vessel,’ was intercepted by IDF naval forces off Gaza’s coast and fired upon after the two suspicious occupants jumped in the water to swim for shore, instead of stopping for inspection.
– Secondary explosions from the weapons on board completely destroyed the small speedboat.

Yoav Zitun


A Palestinian boat disguised as a fishing vessel was caught on camera by the IDF while attempting to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip before eventually being destroyed.

The boat was observed departing from the southern Gaza Strip and heading towards the Sinai. Several days later, the ship suspiciously reappeared with the rear of the vessel weighed down by cargo. Continue Reading »