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Palestinian PM threatens declaration of statehood if Israel annexes W. Bank

Palestinian PM said that if Israel advances annexation, which he claimed to be an “existential threat” to the Palestinians, it will be a serious violation of agreements that President Abbas terminated last month.

By Elior Levy


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that If Israel annexes part of the West Bank, the Palestinians will unilaterally declare a state based on the pre-1967 lines.

Propagandists and Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh

Speaking at a foreign press conference in Ramallah on Tuesday, Shtayyeh said that if Israel moves ahead with annexation, which he called an “existential threat” to the Palestinians, it will be a serious violation of agreements with the PA. Continue Reading »

PA autocrat obligated to make ‘dramatic declarations’ to remain relevant

PLO & Fatah associates of the 84 yr-old Palestinian autocrat rally behind Mahmoud Abbas to revive his stature with ‘dramatic announcements’ as the PA Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, appears to have gained respect & admiration during the months of the pandemic crises.



While the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic forced Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to maintain a low profile and restrict his public appearances, Israel’s intention to extend sovereignty to parts of the West Bank has brought him back to center stage.

During the coronavirus crisis, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh appeared to be alone at the helm, successfully leading efforts to stem the spread of the disease. Continue Reading »