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The headache of 150 acres that Moshe Dayan gave to Palestinians


An internal document confirmed that in the 1970s, Moshe Dayan gave verbal approval for 2 Palestinians to work 600 dunams of land near Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley.

By Elisha Ben Kimon


An internal document of the Civil Administration confirmed that former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan allowed two Palestinians to control land in the Jordan valley, despite them not having legal ownership over the land.

Moshe Dayan (Photo: gettyimages) (Photo: gettyimages)

The story was revealed a year ago when David Elhayani, the head of the Jordan Valley Council, warned the Civil Administration that Palestinians had entered state land that is under the jurisdiction of the municipality and tried to plant a palm grove.

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A detailed history of the Temple Mount’s status quo and Palestinian violations


Although then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan shaped the status quo on the Temple Mount in 1967, PM Menachem Begin made important security adjustments. 
• Since then, the status quo has changed immensely, mainly in favor of Muslims who openly wave Hamas or Islamic State flags there.

By Nadav Shragai


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who this week shepherded Israel and Jordan toward the first-ever formal written agreement on the status quo on the Temple Mount, doesn’t know it, but the first seeds of the much talked about Temple Mount status quo were sown about 48 years ago on another hilltop, Mount Scopus. Continue Reading »