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Declassified Secret Report: Mandela received Mossad training in Ethiopia




Nelson Mandela received training from Israel’s Mossad in the 1960s, an Israeli government document has revealed.

Nelson Mandela Photo: Eli Weinberg -1961

Mandela, the former South African president and anti-apartheid leader who died earlier this month, was trained by Mossad agents in weaponry and sabotage in 1962, according to a report Thursday in Haaretz that was based on a document in the Israel State Archives labeled “Top Secret.”

The document, a letter sent from the Mossad to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, said Mossad operatives also attempted to encourage Zionist sympathies in Mandela, Haaretz reported.

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Former ambassador to South Africa: Netanyahu not welcomed


Israel’s former ambassador to South Africa, Alon Liel, said PM Netanyahu made right decision by not attending Mandela memorial service, but not for high travel costs excuse.

Ynet reporters

Nearly 100 heads of state are taking part in the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Israel’s leaders are not among them.

Liel with Mandela and former President Ezer Weizman – Photo Courtesy

Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres did not travel to Johannesburg, each for their own reasons, leaving Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and five Knesset members to represent Israel. Netanyahu said travel costs were too high, while Peres said he was suffering from the flu. Continue Reading »

Peres, Netanyahu not to attend Mandela memorial


Prime Minister’s Office cites high costs of short-notice trip, problems on special security arrangements.

It’s unclear who will represent Israel at Mandela’s funeral.




Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres have announced on Sunday that they will not travel to South Africa for the memorial of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.

Netanyahu informs Peres that new gov’t has been formed at President’s Residence in J’lem, March 16 – Photo: Koby Gideon/GPO

A source at the Prime Minister’s office said the trip is too expensive and that there were “logistical concerns” preventing the prime minister from attending. Continue Reading »