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Most Popular University Course of Jailed Palestinian Terrorists – Genocide

After evaluation of State released info in response to petition to return academic courses for jailed terrorists, MK Regev says: ‘terrorists should rot in jail.’

By Ari Yashar


In response to a petition to reinstate academic courses for jailed terrorists in Israeli prisons, the state released a document noting the most popular course among jailed terrorists in 2011 was “Genocide.”

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail - Photo: Tal Cohen

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail – Photo: Tal Cohen

Jailed terrorists were allowed to study at Israel’s Open University from prison until 2011, when the benefits were cancelled during negotiations to free Gilad Shalit, who was being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. Continue Reading »

Lebanese& Sudanese students enroll in Israel’s Open University


Free open online internet courses attract students & scholars from all over the world.

Even countries that do not recognize Israel are welcome: ‘Our belief is that it’s the right thing to do,’ says school’s manager, ‘In my eyes, it’s a revolution’

By Shahar Chai


Earlier this year, the Open University joined the international project of distant-learning, MOOCs, massive open online courses, which draw students from around the globe, including Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and even Sudan.

The Open University on strike in 2009 (Photo: Yaron Brenner)

The Open University on strike in 2009 – Photo: Yaron Brenner

One of the program’s students is Najud Hassan, a resident of Khartoum, the Sudanese capital. Continue Reading »

Hawking, There are More Countries for Anti-Occupation to Boycott!

Due to their occupation policies, a prestigious Israeli professor has a long list of countries Prof. Hawking should be boycotting with him.

By Dr. Mordechai E. Schwarz


Dear Professor Hawking,

I heard this morning on the radio that you decided to cancel your attendance in Israel’s president conference, and joined the academic boycott against Israel. You could not chose a more appropriate date then May eighth, the day Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945 and the day I joined the occupation army of Israel in 1985, to speak out loud and clear against occupation and oppression.

Dr. Mordechai E. Schwarz - Courtesy

Dr. Mordechai E. Schwarz- Courtesy

I would like to express my appreciation for your brave protest.

Continue Reading »

University Professors to State: Permit Terrorists Free College Courses

A group of lecturers from the Open University call on the State of Israel to allow terrorists to study in university program while incarcerated in prison.

By Elad Benari


Dozens of lecturers from the Open University have signed an ad calling on the State of Israel to allow terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons to study in universities while in prison.

In the ad, which is entitled “Opinion on the studies of security prisoners”, the lecturers and a number of employees of the Open University protest the State’s preventing what they term is “the right of inmates to academic studies”. Continue Reading »