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Israel releases 2 Syrian prisoners as ‘gesture’ for return of IDF soldier KIA

Israel releases two incarcerated Syrians as a “goodwill gesture” for the return of fallen American-Israeli IDF soldier Zachary Baumel, killed in the 1982 Lebanon War.

By i24NEWS


Israel on Sunday morning released two Syrian prisoners in what an Israeli official called a “goodwill gesture” for the body of the fallen American-Israeli soldier Zachary Baumel, which was returned to the Jewish homeland at the start of the month, 37 years after its first war with Lebanon in 1982.

The Israeli Defense Forces said Sunday that the two prisoners were transferred from Israel to the Red Cross in Syria via the Quinetra border crossing in the Golan Heights. Continue Reading »

Police bust cell-phone smuggling ring to incarcerated Palestinian terrorists

Israel Police uncover surreptitious ring smuggling contraband to Palestinian security prisoners using soft-drink cartons sent to the prison’s canteen by the supplier’s employees.

By Eli Senyor


Police have uncovered a network smuggling mobile phones to security prisoners serving sentences in Israeli jails using employees of a company supplying canteen items to prisoners.

The surreptitious scheme was uncovered by an investigation conducted by the police’s central region main unit. Among those arrested for participating in the network are a West Bank resident and Israeli citizens employed with the marketing company providing the canteen products. Continue Reading »

100 Scottish inmates ‘convert’ to Judaism because the food is better


Unable to question their veracity, Glenochil Prison official says over a 100 inmates have declared to have converted to Judaism so they can receive kosher meals, thinking it is “nicer.”

By Erez Linn and the News Agencies


A prison in Scotland has seen a record number of inmates declare they have “converted” to Judaism, just so they could request kosher meals, local media reported.

Scottish inmates declared to have converted to Judaism to receive “nicer” kosher meals [Illustrative] – Photo: Reuters

According to the officials in Glenochil Prison in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, more than 100 inmates have signed up to receive kosher meals, despite the fact that between 2013 and 2014, only nine Jewish individuals were incarcerated in Scottish jails. Continue Reading »

After shooting guards, barricading himself, American-Israeli prisoner killed at Rimonim jail


3 prison guards shot, 1 in critical condition, after Samuel Sheinbein who’s serving life for murder opened fire in a prison bathroom.

By Raanan Ben-Tsur


An American-Israeli prisoner serving life for murder was shot dead at a central Israel jail Sunday after he seized a gun and opened fire on three guards, before barricading himself in a prison bathroom. Samuel Sheinbein was killed when elite troops entered the bathroom at Rimonim prison to bring the situation to an end.

Security forces at Rimonim prison (Photo: Ido Erez)

Security forces at Rimonim prison – Photo: Ido Erez

Two of the guards, aged 30 and 35, were in critical and serious condition respectively, and the third, aged 40, sustained light wounds. Continue Reading »

Knesset Committee for Legislation Approves Canceling Benefits for Terrorists

Israeli citizens convicted as terror murderers will no longer benefit from National Insurance benefits even if they’re released early in ‘deals,’ or ‘gestures.’

By Gil Ronen


The Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted Sunday in favor of the bill to prevent Israeli Arab terrorists released in deals or “gestures” to the Palestinian Authority from receiving the “acclimation stipends” that are paid to newly released prisoners, and make them ineligible for basic social security stipends.

MK Yariv Levin (Likud-Beytenu), who proposed the bill, thanked the committee for its decision and voiced hope that the legislation would be completed quickly.

“The situation whereby a terrorist who has not served the full term of his sentence and is released receives full social security and benefits from the government is absurd and unacceptable,” MK Levin stated Saturday night. Continue Reading »

Most Popular University Course of Jailed Palestinian Terrorists – Genocide

After evaluation of State released info in response to petition to return academic courses for jailed terrorists, MK Regev says: ‘terrorists should rot in jail.’

By Ari Yashar


In response to a petition to reinstate academic courses for jailed terrorists in Israeli prisons, the state released a document noting the most popular course among jailed terrorists in 2011 was “Genocide.”

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail - Photo: Tal Cohen

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail – Photo: Tal Cohen

Jailed terrorists were allowed to study at Israel’s Open University from prison until 2011, when the benefits were cancelled during negotiations to free Gilad Shalit, who was being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. Continue Reading »

State to High Court: Al Qaeda Terrorist Being Held Still a Serious Security Threat

State’s attorney told the High Court on Monday that Samer al-Barq, the Al Qaeda terrorist Israel has been holding for 3 years for security concerns, needs to remain incarcerated.

By David Lev


Samer Halmi Abdel Latif Al-Barq, the Al Qaeda terrorist Israel has been holding for three years, needs to remain in jail, the State told the High Court on Monday. Al-Barq, through an attorney, petitioned the Court to be released, because after such a long incarceration, he did not pose a threat to anyone.

Al Qaeda-linked fighters – Photo: Reuters

Al-Barq, 39, whose incarceration was revealed Sunday as a result of the petition’s filing, was born in Kuwait to a family that left Israel when the state was established. Continue Reading »

Report: Syria moving its prisoners to military targets as human shields



A British paper reports Syria buses filled with inmates were seen being moved to military targets to be exploited as human shields against any possible Western airstrike.

By Roi Kais

Thousands of Syrian prisoners have been moved to military targets to be used as human shields against Western air strikes, Britain’s Daily Mirror reported Friday.

Residents in Damascus Photo: Reuters)

Residents in Damascus – Photo: Reuters

According to the report, Damascus residents said they saw buses filled with inmates being taken from their cells to sites the regime believes could be targets.

The opposition Syrian National Coalition said: “Assad’s fascist regime is amassing activists and civilians in prisons in military locations that may be targets for foreign forces. Continue Reading »

Jewish convict arrested for sending Netanyahu a death threat

An incarcerated right-wing extremist Israeli man was reportedly angered by gov’t’s decision on Palestinian prisoner release.



An Israeli prisoner at Hadarim Detention Center in central Israel has been arrested for sending a death threat to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – Photo: Gali Tibbon/Pool

The 22-year-old prisoner was apparently angry at the prime minister’s decision to release Palestinian security prisoners.

He then sent Netanyahu a letter containing a death threat, prompting his arrest. According to the Israeli media, the prisoner was found to be in possession of more than one self-styled knife, commonly known as “shivs.”

Continue Reading »

UN rights chief urges Hamas to cancel prisoner executions in Gaza


Pillay “deeply concerned” after Hamas declares that men sentenced to death are to be executed as planned after Ramadan.



United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Wednesday urged Hamas in the Gaza Strip not to carry out planned executions.

Hamas forces executes Majdi Mikkawi [file]

Hamas forces executes Majdi Mikkawi [file] – Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

In a statement, Pillay expressed deep concern “at the possibility that executions might be carried out over the course of the next weeks in Gaza and urgently appeal to the de facto authorities there not to implement any death sentences.”

The attorney general in Gaza made several announcements during Ramadan that after the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, which have just ended, executions of people sentenced to death would take place. Continue Reading »