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El Al video parody: ‘Committed to your spiritual safety’

American-Jewish comedy writers Levinson Brothers post satirical in-flight El Al Airlines safety video in wake of recent news incidents of flight delays on Delta & El Al, due to Jewish ultra-Orthodox men’s refusal to sit next to women.



“Gentlemen, and unfortunately, ladies,” the announcement featured in a satirical in-flight safety video by Jewish-American comedy writers Stephen and Joel Levinson begins. The parody of El Al’s flight safety video presents guidelines for passengers, following recent cases in which flights were delayed after ultra-orthodox Jewish men refused to take their seats next to women.

Picture that stirred a row – Photo from New York Daily News

In one of the latest of such incidents, which was first published by Ynet, passengers aboard an El Al flight from New York to Israel described their trip as an “11-hour long nightmare” due to disruptions caused by Haredi travelers during the flight. Continue Reading »