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Israeli plane to make maiden direct flight to UAE, via Saudi Arabia airspace

This would be the first publicly acknowledged entry into Saudi airspace by El Al, Israel’s official airline to Abu Dhabi from Israel; passengers include officials from Washington & Jerusalem for the first stage of direct normalization talks.



An airliner carrying Israeli and U.S. delegations to the UAE on Monday will fly over Saudi Arabia, according to a source familiar with the itinerary, in what would be the first publicly acknowledged entry of an Israeli plane into Saudi air space.

El Al flight LY971 is ready to fly to UAE. – Photo courtesy: El Al spokesperson

El Al flight LY971, a number that includes the UAE international dialing code, will depart from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi on Monday. Continue Reading »

2nd Arab Gulf State Permits Israeli Flights Thru Airspace

Israeli PM Netanyahu revealed Monday that Oman is allowing Israeli airline carrier El Al to enter its airspace, following Saudi permission for Indian flights to Israel.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An Arab Gulf state will allow Israeli civilian flights to enter its airspace, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Monday, cutting the travel time from Israel to India.

Speaking at an Israeli Foreign Ministry conference on Monday, Netanyahu revealed that Israeli passenger jets will now be permitted to fly over the Gulf Arab state of Oman, on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, on an official diplomatic visit to Oman where they met with Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

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AIRBUS opens office in Israel in effort to acquire Israeli technology

The European aerospace giant is opening an office as soon as a lease can be signed, because it sees Israel as a top source for hi-tech knowledge & development in expanding the company’s military aviation business.



European aerospace giant Airbus SE is looking for open space in Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned, in an apparent first step by the company to procure cutting-edge Israeli technology.

Airbus’s Israel office will serve as a base to scout out and procure Israeli innovation, specifically in cybersecurity, according to multiple industry insiders who spoke to the Post.

The Airbus A380, the largest airliner- Photo: Ienac/German Wikipedia

One industry employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, emphasized that Airbus was not opening a formal office but renting out office space for three people, including in sales. Continue Reading »

EL AL turns to IATA to fly through Saudi airspace

Since Saudi Arabia doesn’t officially recognize Israel, granting El Al access to its air space would dramatically  indicate a diplomatic shift in its position.



TEL AVIV – Israel’s flag carrier El Al has asked an airline industry lobby group to help it access Saudi Arabian airspace, so it can compete with Air India’s planned route between India and Israel.

Air India One, a Boeing 747-437, used by President of India – Photo- Wikimedia Commons: José Luis Celada Euba

The request came in a letter on Wednesday from El Al’s chief executive to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in which he said he has also approached Israel’s prime minister. Continue Reading »

In search of lost cellphone, Israel’s El Al stewardesses save tourist’s life


An El AL flight’s departure was delayed, waiting for the return of 2 stewardesses who went to retrace steps in order to recover lost phone, but instead spent 30 minutes performing CPR on found unconscious Chinese tourist.

By Itay Blumental


Two Israeli stewardesses who were searching for a lost cell phone ended up saving the life of a Chinese tourist at the beginning of the week.El Al Stewardess Nitzan Rabinowitz, 25, noticed that her cell phone was missing a few minutes before her plane was due to depart, but decided to re-trace her steps to find it. She and one of her colleagues, Mor Levi, 22, went all the way back to the train station at the airport, where they saw an elderly Chinese tourist laying on the ground unconscious, while his terrified daughter looked on. Continue Reading »

At 95 yrs-old Dorothy Immigrates to Israel – It’s Never Too Late!


With the aid of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization, 95-year-old Dorothy Truttner finally immigrated to Israel, saying, “All my life I dreamed of living in Israel but only made it today. It has taken me a long time to fulfill this dream, but it’s never too late.”

By Yossi Aloni


“All my life I dreamed of living in Israel but only made it today. It has taken me a long time to to fulfill this dream, but it’s never too late,” said the 95-year-old Dorothy Truttner after her immigration to Israel made possible with the aid of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization. Continue Reading »

Israel’s El Al comes in next to last on landing punctuality


With only Pakistan Airlines less punctual, a report by Flystats shows that in March of this year, 45% of El Al flights arrived more than 15 minutes late, with an average of 44 minutes late.

By Ilan Gattegno


Israel’s national air carrier, El Al, is running late: Some 45% of the company’s flights for March 2016 landed over 15 minutes late at their destinations, putting the airline next-to-last in a report published by the company Flystats, which tracks real-time information about airlines and airports.

An El Al aircraft – Photo: KOKO

El Al flights landed an average of 44 minutes late in March. Continue Reading »

NYT Reports Religious Jewish Woman Sues El AL Over Gender Discrimination


81yr-old Jerusalemite, Renee Rabinowitz sues El Al after airline changed her seating, claiming an ultra-Orthodox man refused to ‘sit next to a woman’, behavior that ‘systematically harms a woman’s dignity.’

By Itay Blumenthal


An 81-year-old woman from Jerusalem may set a legal precedent regarding religiously-motivated gender segregation in Israel’s public spaces. A lawsuit filed by Renee Rabinowitz against national airline El Al, first reported in the New York Times on Friday, centers on the airline’s decision to ask her to move seats because an ultra-Orthodox man refused to sit next to a woman.

“This issue is very important to me, and that’s why it was important for what happened to me to be published,” Rabinowitz told Ynet. Continue Reading »

Israel national airliner El Al orders 9 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in $2.2 billion deal

El Al currently operates an exclusively Boeing fleet of 42 aircraft, saying the orders are both to replace the older aircraft and to expand its fleet.

By i24news


Israel’s flag carrier El Al announced Thursday that it has ordered up to nine 787 aircraft from Boeing and will lease six more from private leasing firms.

A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner lands after its first flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington on September 17, 2013 – Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty/AFP/File

The catalogue price value of the new orders from Boeing is about $2.2 billion.

Boeing will record three of the planes on its official orders list and the others will be added as El Al and Boeing finalize commitments, the two companies said. Continue Reading »

El Al video parody: ‘Committed to your spiritual safety’

American-Jewish comedy writers Levinson Brothers post satirical in-flight El Al Airlines safety video in wake of recent news incidents of flight delays on Delta & El Al, due to Jewish ultra-Orthodox men’s refusal to sit next to women.



“Gentlemen, and unfortunately, ladies,” the announcement featured in a satirical in-flight safety video by Jewish-American comedy writers Stephen and Joel Levinson begins. The parody of El Al’s flight safety video presents guidelines for passengers, following recent cases in which flights were delayed after ultra-orthodox Jewish men refused to take their seats next to women.

Picture that stirred a row – Photo from New York Daily News

In one of the latest of such incidents, which was first published by Ynet, passengers aboard an El Al flight from New York to Israel described their trip as an “11-hour long nightmare” due to disruptions caused by Haredi travelers during the flight. Continue Reading »

El Al’s launches its low-cost carrier UP in late March

UP airlines will operate 36 discount flights to 5 European cities starting this spring. Just remember to bring your own lunch.



Cheap flights to Berlin, Budapest and three other European cities will be available 36 times a week when El Al Airlines’ new low-cost carrier takes to the air for the first time March 30, El Al announced Monday.

El Al CEO Eliezer Shkedi

El Al CEO Eliezer Shkedi at the launch of UP, the airline’s new, low-cost brand. – Photo: Ofer Vaknin

The number of flights offered by the discount brand, called UP, will jump to 52 a week in July and August. Continue Reading »

Israel’s El Al Airlines posts record profits


Israel’s national flag carrier’s profit rose to record $57.9 million from $37.5 million the year before.

El Al’s chief executive complains gov’t boosts Turkish airlines expansion at expense of Israeli carriers.


Net profit at Israel’s flag carrier rose to a record $57.9 million from $37.5 million a year earlier, El Al said on Wednesday. Revenue increased 6.2 percent to $643.3 million – the highest in five years – as passenger revenue grew 6.1 percent while cargo revenue dipped 0.8 percent.

File:El Al Boeing 737-8HX.jpg

El Al 737 – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Chief Executive Elyezer Shkedy said the airline faced increased competition in the quarter as foreign airlines increased the number of seats offered by 14 percent. Continue Reading »

Israeli Jumbo Jet returns to airport to retrieve cancer-stricken girl


When Passport was found on board, El Al pilot turns packed airliner AROUND to retrieve cancer-stricken girl, 11, after having to leave her behind when she lost her passport.


By Ryan Gorman


An Israeli airline – with the support of everyone on-board – turned around a plane to pick up an 11-year-old cancer patient.

Planes almost never turn around: No one could believe the plane returned to pick up Chomsky

Planes almost never turn around: No one could believe the plane returned to pick up Chomsky

All set to fly to New York August 7 to attend a camp for paediatric cancer patients, Inbar Chomsky, was taken off an El-Al Airlines flight after her passport went missing. Continue Reading »

Israel’s El Al Airlines Cancels Package for Roger Waters Concert


Israel’s national air carrier El Al Airlines drops promotional package for BDS activist Roger Waters that was advertized on its website.



El Al Israel Airlines said it promptly canceled a promotional package that appeared on its website for an August concert in Budapest by Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters—a vocal activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel—when it learned of the “sensitive issue” on Wednesday.

roger waters cancelled


“This matter was brought to my attention yesterday afternoon,” Sheryl Stein, an advertising/public relations/social media manager for El Al, wrote in an email to JNS.org Continue Reading »

Israel instals Anti-Missile Defense System on Passenger Aircraft (VIDEO)

Israeli Airlines El Al has always led the world in air-travel security. Now, incorporated into each aircraft are automated countermeasures that not only protect the passengers from danger, but keep them unaware as the pilot makes no radical flight adjustments.  Watch video of test.

By Zach Pontz

An El Al plane has been outfitted with the anti-missile C-MUSIC system for the first time, Israel National News has reported. The plane, a Boeing 737, conducted test flights with the new system in place.

File:El Al Boeing 737-8HX.jpg

El Al 737 – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

An El Al plane has been outfitted with the anti-missile C-MUSIC system for the first time, Israel National News has reported.

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