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Israel’s PM warns of ongoing Palestinian incitement planned to disrupt Pesach


PM Netanyahu warns of Raed Salah and a recent resurgence in videos & messages posted on Palestinian social media about alleged harm that Israel is doing to change the status quo at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in order to ignite further armed confrontations against Israelis.

By Natasha Rowland


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday warned that there are ongoing attempts to reignite dwindling tensions in Jerusalem ahead of Pesach, particularly surrounding the Temple Mount.

Convicted of incitement, Sheikh Raed Salah of the radical northern wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, spewing more lies and hate at a demonstration in the town of Kfar Kana, northern Israel, in May 2015 – Photo: AHMAD GHARABLI /AFP

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu pointed the finger at the leader of the banned northern branch of the Islamic Movement, Raed Salah. Continue Reading »