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Shocking proclamation by Egyptian archaeologist: Jewish claims Pharaoh was Egyptian are untrue


Mustafa Waziri, Director General of Luxor’s Antiquities, declared king Pharaoh was a foreigner, belonging to the Hyksos dynasty that invaded Egypt in the 15th century BCE, and not the “false thesis promoted by the Jews to stick false accusations on ancient Egyptians.”



In an unprecedented declaration that challenges the story told in the Passover Haggadah, a senior Egyptian archaeologist said that ancient king Pharaoh was not Egyptian, as claimed in the ancient Jewish text.

A worker shows to media a replica of a golden death mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. – Photo: REUTERS

In an interview with the Egyptian daily newspaper al-Youm al-Sabih, the director-general of Luxor’s Antiquities, Mustafa Waziri, surprisingly argued that king Pharaoh belonged to the foreign Hyksos dynasty that invaded Egypt in the 15th century BCE and ruled northern Egypt. Continue Reading »

3,300 yr-old Egyptian clay coffin with gold scarab found in Jezreel Valley


Rare gold scarab bearing seal of Pharaoh Seti I was found with late Bronze Age Egyptian coffin, of past ruler of what is now Israel.




A 3,300-year-old coffin was uncovered during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority near Kibbutz Sarid in the Jezreel Valley.

3,300 year old clay Egyptian coffin found in Jezreel Valley – Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

The coffin dates back to the Late Bronze Age, and contained the personal belongings of a wealthy Canaanite believed to be an Egyptian army official, according to the IAA.The cylindrical clay coffin featured a lid in the shape of a person, and was surrounded by a variety of pottery, including food storage vessels, tableware and animal bones.
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