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Pirates reconsider seizing Zim cargo ship when Israeli security draw their weapons


Returning to Israel from east Asia, an Israeli container ship was attacked by four pirate boats off the coast of Somalia in the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.

By Shlomi Diaz & Israel Hayom Staff


An Israeli security team thwarted an attempt on Wednesday by Somali pirates to seize an Israeli container ship.

A Zim container ship [Illustrative] – Photo: Michel Dot Com

The ship, belonging to Zim Integrated Shipping Services, ran into trouble in Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, off the coast of Somalia, as it made its way from east Asia to Israel.

A number of pirate boats approached the ship and pirates from one of the boats attempted to board it.

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Israeli honeymooners attacked by pirates in Zanzibar

Machete-wielding pirates attack Yoav and Esther Peled; Yoav fights back, loses some fingers – but surgeons managed to reattach them

By Shiri Hadar



A honeymoon turned sour this week for an Israeli couple who were attacked by pirates in Zanzibar.

A honeymoon to remember

A honeymoon to remember

Yoav and Esther Peled of Givatayim married on May 30 and travelled to the Tanzanian islands after the wedding. On Sunday, a group of pirates armed with machetes attacked the couple. Yoav, who confronted them, lost some of his fingers to the pirates’ blades.

Peled managed to reach medical help, and was flown from Zanzibar to Dar es-Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, where he had emergency surgery. Continue Reading »