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Bahrain’s king meets WJC Rabbi, reportedly seeking Arab League to blacklist Hezbollah as terror group


World Jewish Congress VP Rabbi Marc Schneier has been received in the Gulf state of Bahrain by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to discuss regional concerns in the Middle East.



The King of Bahrain has reportedly recommended that the recent designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization by the Gulf Cooperation Council be taken up by the Arab League as well.

World Jewish Congress VP Rabbi Marc Schneier has been received in the Gulf state of Bahrain by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. – Photo courtesy

King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa, head of the tiny island nation, has been one of the most ardent proponents for labeling the Lebanese Shi’ite militia as a terrorist group as part of efforts to fight back against growing Iranian hegemony in the region. Continue Reading »

European Rabbis learn self-defense after spike in anti-Semitic attacks

Rabbis gather in Prague for training in self-defense & first aid after Jews targeted in wave of Islamic terror attacks on Jewish centers in Europe.

By Ynetnews


After a wave of attacks targeting Jewish community centers in Europe, a group of European rabbis have decided that if and when the time comes, they will be prepared.

Rabbis practice first aid at Prague conference. – Photo: EJA

The heads of the European Jewish Association and the rabbinical center of Europe have decided to train European rabbis in self-defense and first aid for victims of terror attacks.

During a conference held in Prague Tuesday, 100 Rabbis gathered from across Europe to learn and practice basic-self defense practices used by security personnel and also received basic training in first aid. Continue Reading »

Supreme Court rules against Rabbi kicked out of frequent-flier program


The  Supreme Court agreed with the carrier that a ‘kvetcher’ who abuses the program, having complained 24 times in 7 months, can be ejected.



The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against a Minnesota rabbi who claimed he was cut from an airline’s frequent flier program for earning too many miles.

Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400

Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400

The court issued its unanimous ruling on Wednesday.

Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg was one of Northwest Airlines’ top fliers when he was cut from its program in 2008. Northwest has since been absorbed by Delta.

The rabbi, who acquired his frequent flier miles by consulting with educational organizations throughout the country,  says the airline was targeting top miles earners. Continue Reading »

Revealed: Mossad’s Rabbi’s Identity is Top Secret

With so many religious recruits joining the Mossad in recent years, Israel’s covert organization has added an official rabbi to counsel agents.

By David Lev


So many religious recruits have joined the Mossad in recent years that the organization has hired an official rabbi to advise agents and employees on a wide range of issues, a report said Monday.

Mossad’s Emblem – Israel news photo

Among the questions the rabbi deals with are those relating to religious practices, keeping kosher, Sabbath observance, and other matters that may require compromise or adjustment regarding Jewish Law on the part of an agent during a mission. Continue Reading »

Rabbis’ orders won’t prevent religious girls from serving in IDF


IDF female inductees continue to rise as the number of female soldiers in 2013 almost doubled that of 2010, as IDF continues to order more & more military skirts.

By Yossi Yehoshua

The IDF‘s top adjutants said they aren’t interested in fighting with rabbis, but they will do everything else they can to keep raising the growing number of religious girls enlisting in the army.

Photo: "Army identity number 38166, Major General Ariel Sharon, warrior, commander and general, in the name of generations of soldiers past, present and future, I salute you. May your memory be blessed.”- IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz

Female soldiers flank Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz at past Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s funeral.

“If they close the door on us, we know how to get in through the window,” an official in the Manpower Directorate said Tuesday. Continue Reading »

Making History: For the 1st time Israeli gov’t pays salaries to Reform Rabbis

“This is a historic & important step in the long struggle toward pluralism, religious freedom & the recognition by the State of Israel of all branches of Judaism,” said Rabbi Gilad Kariv.



JERUSALEM — Israeli government money was transferred for the first time to the Reform Movement in Israel to pay the salaries of four community Reform rabbis.

Rabbi Miri Gold. – Photo: Gil Cohen Magen/HAARETZ

The transfer of the more than $86,000 on Wednesday comes 18 months after Israel’s Supreme Court approved an arrangement to enable non-Orthodox rabbis who lead congregations to receive state salaries like their Orthodox counterparts.

Continue Reading »

Analysis: How Israel’s Chief Rabbis Lost Influence Over its Most Holy Site

Rabbis have banned all Jews from ascending the Temple Mount, reasoning that the pre-entry requirement of purification rituals, such as bathing, are not accessible today & also that one could accidentally step on the inner sanctuary of the temple — where it’s absolutely forbidden to tread — as its exact location is still unknown.

By Nathan Jeffay


Israel’s chief rabbis have issued a declaration reminding the public of the religious ban against visiting the holiest site in Judaism, Temple Mount.

Israeli police clash with Palestinian stone-throwers on Temple Mount

Israeli police advance to arrest Palestinian stone-throwers on Temple Mount – Photo source: The JC.com

The new chief rabbis, who took office five months ago, have stated that they adhere to the traditional position, which has dominated Israeli Orthodoxy since Israel captured Temple Mount in 1967. Continue Reading »

Sergio Bergman is Argentina’s history-making Rabbi-lawmaker

“If the society knows us better, the level of anti-Semitism will become lower…If I am attacked for being a rabbi, the first to come out to defend me are the non-Jews.” – Rabbi Sergio Bergman

Sergio Bergman, shown in Jerusalem in May 2013, will be the first rabbi serving to serve in Argentina's parliament when he takes office in December.

Sergio Bergman, shown in Jerusalem in May 2013, will be the first rabbi serving to serve in Argentina’s parliament when he takes office in December.

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Knesset passes bill disallowing Rabbis from taking fee for weddings


Local rabbis have been allowed to charge extra fees even though marriages are listed among their existing duties as regional rabbis.

Bill still pending 3 additional Knesset readings before final approval, with 61 MKs voting in favor in the preliminary reading.

By Israel Hayom Staff

A current bill, approved in its preliminary reading on Wednesday, is aiming to prevent local rabbis from accepting payment or any other compensation for officiating the marriage ceremonies of couples who live within their area of jurisdiction.

The bill was submitted by Habayit Hayehudi MKs Shuli Mualem and Moti Yogev and was approved in the Knesset by a majority of 61 MKs. Continue Reading »