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Family sue French Police for overt inaction as Jewish woman was tortured, then murdered


French Police must explain why they stood outside a building for an hour, as 60 yr-old Sarah Halimi could be heard screaming for her life, before being thrown out of her apartment window.

By i24NEWS


A lawyer for the family of Sarah Halimi told i24NEWS on Monday that a complaint will be filed against the police for failing to enter the building and preventing the Jewish woman’s death in April.

Sarah Halimi was beaten and thrown to her death from the window of her Paris apartment by her 27-year-old neighbor Kobili Traore.

Protest march in memory of Sarah Halimi, in Paris on April 9, 2017 – Photo: Noemie Fitoussi

French police arrived on the scene but reportedly refused to enter the building until specialist backup had arrived, during which time a neighbor recorded Halimi’s screams as she was attacked by her neighbor. Continue Reading »

Radical Islamic Palestinians have always been the greatest threat to Palestinian Christians


After credible threats to target Christians & their holy sites by Muslim extremists within the Palestinian territories, Abbas’ PA decided to cancel the Christmas celebrations, which, as many were led to believe, had nothing to do with Israel or the recent violence against Jews.

By Bassam Tawil


This was not a happy Christmas for our Palestinian brothers in the West Bank who happen to be Christian. The Palestinian Christians have now become a tiny minority in Bethlehem. This year, they were just lucky that Christmas passed without a major terrorist attack or serious outbreaks of violence.

A Palestinian protester wearing Santa Claus costume stands in front of a section of the Israeli security barrier in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, December 18, 2015.

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This article was withdrawn as proven to be false.

IsraelandStuff regrets publishing an article not factually correct and apologies to MK Oren for our mistake.



English translation belowבעקבות הציטוט השקרי שיוחס אלי היום, דובר עיריית באר שבע (שהוא גם העורך של תכנית שבתרבות) הוצי…

Posted by ‎מייקל אורן Michael Oren‎ on Saturday, November 28, 2015

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France’s PM Valls calls on country’s Muslims to “name the enemy”

‘Anti-Semitism, hate speech, hiding behind hatred of Israel and delivering hideous sermons’ are not Islam, says the French PM, calling to show the world that ‘Islam & France are fully compatible’.

By AFP & Ynet


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called on France’s Muslims on Monday to “name the enemy”, referring to jihadist and extremist groups.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (Photo: AFP)
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls – Photo: AFP


“It has to be stated that all this is not Islam,” Valls said, citing “hate speech, anti-Semitism hiding behind anti-Zionism and hatred of Israel, hideous sermons, self-proclaimed imams in our neighborhoods, our prisons which promote violence and terrorism, who participate in this criminal enterprise which lures hundreds of young people to jihad.” Continue Reading »

European Rabbis learn self-defense after spike in anti-Semitic attacks

Rabbis gather in Prague for training in self-defense & first aid after Jews targeted in wave of Islamic terror attacks on Jewish centers in Europe.

By Ynetnews


After a wave of attacks targeting Jewish community centers in Europe, a group of European rabbis have decided that if and when the time comes, they will be prepared.

Rabbis practice first aid at Prague conference. – Photo: EJA

The heads of the European Jewish Association and the rabbinical center of Europe have decided to train European rabbis in self-defense and first aid for victims of terror attacks.

During a conference held in Prague Tuesday, 100 Rabbis gathered from across Europe to learn and practice basic-self defense practices used by security personnel and also received basic training in first aid. Continue Reading »