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Palestinian officials call for Arab boycott of new, joint Israeli-Palestinian Mall

Palestinian activists, motivated by Fatah officials, have called for a total boycott by Arabs of the first joint Israeli-Palestinian shopping mall that’s set to open just north of Jerusalem.
– Economic normalization with Israel, the boycotters say, “is an act of intentional treason.”



Palestinian activists have called for boycotting the first Israeli-Palestinian shopping mall, which was built by supermarket chain owner and developer Rami Levy in the industrial zone of Atarot, north of Jerusalem. The mall, which is expected to open soon, cost NIS 200 million and has more than 50 businesses.

The activists took to social media and other platforms to call on Palestinians to boycott the new mall and other shopping centers in Israel. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Supermarket terrorist shot after stabbing 2 Jewish shoppers

New footage from terror attack inside Ma’ale Adumim supermarket shows terrorist stabbing victims before gun-carrying Israeli shot Palestinian youth in his legs, ending rampage.

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir

A terrorist entered a supermarket in a settlement on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon and stabbed two middle-age Israelis. An off-duty security guard, who witnessed the attack, fired at the terrorist and arrested him. The news came as Israel’s government disbanded and was heading towards a March election.

Security camera footage shows the attacker being subdued.

Security camera footage shows the attacker being subdued.

At around 4:15 pm on Wednesday, a Palestinian aged 16 and a half from the West Bank village of al-Azariya entered a supermarket at the Mishor Adumim Industrial Park near Ma’ale Adumim. Continue Reading »