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Palestinian terrorist shot dead in Samaria stabbing attack

Attempted stabbing attack by an Arab Palestinian terrorist was swiftly foiled near Highway 5 in Samaria when alert IDF soldiers opened fire to neutralize the knife yielding terrorist running towards them.

By Uzi Baruch


An Arab terrorist attempted to carry out a stabbing attack near Highway 5 in Samaria Monday afternoon, but was eliminated by Israeli security forces before he could reach his target.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred near Gitti Avisar junction on Highway 5 outside the Israeli town of Barkan when the terrorist lunged at IDF soldiers while brandishing a knife.

Scene of the attack  –  צומת גיתי אבישר – צילום: מועצה אזורית שומרון.jpeg

Soldiers at the scene opened fire on the terrorist, seriously wounding him. Continue Reading »

Ari Fuld, American-Israeli activist stabbed to death by Palestinian teen

Fuld, a fierce pro-Israel activist on social media & his personal website, believed the truth would win over the lies & propaganda used against Judaism’s connection to the Land of Israel.



Ari Fuld, an Israeli-American national murdered on Sunday by a Palestinian terrorist in Gush Etzion, was a well-known social media personality and Israel advocate.

Fuld was stabbed in the back. Despite his severe injuries, he chased after the attacker and shot him before collapsing.

Fuld will be laid to rest Sunday night at 11:30 p.m., according to the Efrat municipality.

“I want to send my sincerest condolences to the Fuld family, to the residents of Efrat and all of Gush Etzion over the shocking murder of Ari Fuld,” said President of Israel Reuven Rivlin. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist neutralized, arrested in Jerusalem, another killed in Gaza

UPDATE: A Palestinian terrorist who was neutralized & arrested during his unsuccessful attempt to stab an Israeli police officer in the Old City, has succumb to his injuries and died, while in Gaza, 2 Arabs were reported to have been killed during Hamas’ orchestrated Friday clashes with the IDF.

By Gil Ronen


An Arab terrorist tried to stab a policeman on Sha’ar Hagay Street near the Shechem Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City Friday.

The terrorist was neutralized and arrested by police forces on the spot.

A Magen David Adom team treated two women for emotional trauma.

“A short time ago,” said the Israel Police, “a suspect man approached a police position in the Old City and apparently tried to stab one of the policemen. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem man stabbed by female Palestinian terrorist near Damascus Gate

Male victim of Saturday’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian was evacuated to a nearby hospital in light condition shortly after stabber was neutralized by Border Police.

By Ynet reporters, TPS


A man was stabbed and lightly wounded on Sultan Suleiman St. in east Jerusalem.

The terrorist, a Palestinian woman, was neutralized without injury and arrested.

he female Palestinian terrorist, arrested by the Border Police after stabbing Israeli civilian in Jerusalem – YNET.

A police spokesman said a woman armed with a knife approached the man, 31, at a light rail station near the Damascus Gate on the corner of Bar Lev and Sultan Suleiman streets and stabbed him in the shoulder. Continue Reading »

Gag order dropped: Watch Israel Police security video of Temple Mount attackers

Just released video shows how terrorists entered the Old City, met with accomplice who smuggled in the weapons and subsequently  transferred them to the three killers inside the Mosque on the Temple Mount to commit deadly terror attack.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The gag order on last week’s deadly terrorist attack on the Temple Mount was partially lifted Thursday, allowing the publication of more security videos of the attack.

Two Druze police officers were murdered in the attack.

The joint investigation by the Israel Police and the Shin Bet revealed the route by which the three terrorists entered Jerusalem and reached the Old City and the Temple Mount. Continue Reading »

IDF soldier wounded in Palestinian car-ramming attack, terrorist driver neutralized

After ramming his car into an IDF guard post, lightly injuring one soldier, his squad opened fire neutralizing the terrorist when he exited the car attempting to stab the Israeli soldiers.



An IDF soldier was wounded when a car driven by a Palestinian man rammed into him near Tekoa, in the West Bank, on Monday afternoon.  The assailant was shot and later died of his injuries, after trying to stab a few soldiers as he fled the car, the IDF spokesperson’ unit said.

Aerial photo of Tekoa. – Screenshot: Google maps

The soldier was lightly injured and taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Tzedek hospital, with injuries to his right thigh. Continue Reading »

Arab paramedic’s account of how he struggled to save the life of Hadas Malka


Mohammed Abed al-Rahman, a senior paramedic with Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical service tells a heart-rending account of how he and his team responded to save Hadas Malka, who ultimately succumbed to her wound in last week’s terror stabbing in Jerusalem.

By Israel Today Staff


The following is the personal account of Mohammed Abed al-Rahman, a senior paramedic with Magen David Adom (MDA) who gave his all last week to save the life of Border Police officer Hadas Malka, who ultimately died of her injuries sustained in a terror stabbing at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.

Arab Paramedic Fought to Save the Life of Fatally Wounded Border Police officer, Hadas Malka.

Continue Reading »

UN envoy: Palestinian terrorists should not be extolled as ‘Heroes’


UN official Nickolay Mladenov says he is appalled how Palestinian groups praised the terrorists’ attack as ‘heroic’ and that the reaction should instead have been explicit condemnation of such violence.



The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov condemned Friday’s brutal terror attack that resulted in the death of 23-year-old border policewoman Hadas Malka.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, and I wish a speedy recovery to the injured,” Mladenov said in an official statement released on Saturday afternoon. Continue Reading »

3 terrorists neutralized in Jerusalem attack, stabbed Border Policewoman in critical condition

In ongoing Palestinian terrorist attack, a female Magav police officer was evacuated to hospital in serious condition, with 4 other injured in light to moderate conditions, with police searching Jerusalem to see if forth terrorist was involved.
– Attack in Jerusalem was in 2 places, using knives and automatic rifle.



Authorities said Friday that a police officer was critically wounded following a stabbing attack near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel Border Police officer stabbed outside Damascus Gate – Screenshot: J’lemPost


The female police officer, 20, was evacuated to nearby Hadassah University Medical Center for treatment. Continue Reading »

FBI arrest 2 Hezbollah trained terrorists planning attack on Israeli targets


The US Department of Justice announced arrests and indictments against two Hezbollah agents, one a resident of New York and another, a resident of Michigan, who sought out venues for terror-attacks in New York and in Panama.

By AP, Ynet


US federal authorities said they’ve interrupted efforts to identify potential terrorism targets in New York City and Panama, including US and Israeli embassies, by arresting a man in Michigan and another in New York.Court papers unsealed Thursday charge the two men with providing support to a terrorist organization.

One of the suspects, Ali Kourani, conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City.- Ynet

Samer El Debek of Dearborn, Michigan, was arrested June 1 in Livonia, Michigan, while Ali Kourani was arrested in the Bronx. Continue Reading »

Jordanian terrorist shot dead Saturday after knife-attack on Policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City


Israel policeman who was stabbed, responded, shot & killed 57 yr-old Jordanian terrorist near the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, before being taken to Shaare Tzedek hospital in moderate condition. Another policeman was lightly injured and treated on site.

By Ynet


A 37-year-old police officer was moderately injured by a terrorist stabbing in the area of the Lions’ Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The police said that the terrorist was shot and later pronounced dead. The terrorist, Muhammad Abdullah Salim al-Qassagi, a 57-year-old Jordanian citizen, arrived in Israel a week ago via the Jordan River crossing in Beit Shean. Continue Reading »

Crazed Palestinian terrorist stabs to death British student on Jerusalem light-rail


A 25yr-old British female tourist was killed in stabbing attack inside the light rail train near Jerusalem’s Old City. The Arab terrorist, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, left two others with injuries.

By David Rosenberg


A British tourist in her mid 20’s was murdered by an Arab terrorist Friday afternoon in a stabbing attack inside of a light rail train in Jerusalem.

Two others, a pregnant woman in her early 30s and a man in his early 50s were injured during the attack. MDA first responders say the pregnant woman was knocked down during the attack and suffered injuries to her stomach, while the man was injured while attempting to flee the attack. Continue Reading »

IDF shoot dead knife-yielding Palestinian terrorist at Jerusalem’s Kalandia checkpoint


A Palestinian Arab, who quickly charged a security guard with knife drawn, was neutralized during his attack by an alert IDF soldier at a Jerusalem checkpost.

Arutz Sheva Staff


A potentially deadly terror attack was averted Tuesday morning, when a knife-wielding terrorist was shot and killed just outside of Jerusalem.

The incident took place in the Kalandia checkpoint, the main point of entry for Palestinian Authority residents entering Jerusalem.

Incitement to kill Jews on Facebook

Constant Incitement to kill Jews on the internet sends a clear message

The terrorist reportedly charged a security guard operating one of the lanes for cars passing through the checkpoint. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist neutralized during stabbing attack in Samaria


IDF solider unhurt as the Palestinian terrorist’s thrust of his screwdriver failed to penetrate the soldier’s protective vest.

By Uzi Baruch


An Arab terrorist attacked IDF soldiers in Samaria Wednesday morning, attempting to stab them with a screwdriver.

Palestinian terrorist being stabilized by medics after being neutralized during stabbing attempt. - Photo: Uziel Vatik

Palestinian terrorist being stabilized by medics after being neutralized during stabbing attempt. – Photo: Uziel Vatik

The attacker was shot and neutralized during the incident, which took place between Tapuah Junction and the Arab village of Hawara, near the Jewish community of Yitzhar.

The wounded terrorist was treated on the scene by emergency responders.

While the terrorist managed to stab one soldier at the scene, the screwdriver failed to penetrate the soldier’s protective vest.

Continue Reading »

Teenage Arab terrorist gets 12 years in prison for attempted murder in Jerusalem stabbing


view videoAhmad Manasra, who was 13 when he and his 15yr-old cousin went on a stabbing spree in Jerusalem, was ordered to pay NIS 180,000 in compensation to his 13-year-old and 21-year-old Israeli victims; ‘the fact they are minors does not confer immunity … particularly when a serious crime is committed,’ Judge rules.

By Yael Freidson


Ahmad Manasra, 14, who carried out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’evneighborhood a year ago, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Monday.

The Jerusalem District Court also ordered Manasra to pay his victims NIS 180,000 in compensation and sentenced him to two years suspended sentence. Continue Reading »