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REPORT: Palestinians Never Stopped Paying Jailed Terrorists with Foreign Aid


Despite assurances to stop paying terrorists with foreign aid received from US, EU, UK, & a dozen European countries, a recent report documented that Palestinian Authority is paying no less than $116 million a year in monthly stipends to convicted terrorists and their families.


The Palestinian Authority has continued to award lifetime payments to convicted terrorists, despite a promise to end the practice, an investigative report published Sunday by The Mail on Sunday (MoS) revealed. The report was part of a broader investigation into what the paper described as the “wasteful” use of British taxpayer money. Continue Reading »

New Israel law limits local bankers’ salaries to $658,000 per year


Knesset limits bank executives’ salaries to 2.5 million shekels per/year with a new, stringent law that ‘deals with the problem of morals & values concerning excessive salaries.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Knesset has passed a law capping the annual salaries of bank executives at 2.5 million shekels ($658,000 US), described as among the world’s toughest such restrictions.

Israeli 100 New Shekels currency notes

The law, approved late Monday, says no salary in the financial sector can be more than 35 times that of the lowest-paid worker in the same company, with a ceiling of 2.5 million shekels.

A statement issued just before midnight, quoting Finance Committee Chair Moshe Gafni (UTJ), said the law “deals with a problem of morals and values concerning the excessive salaries of those who undertake to manage the public’s money.” Continue Reading »