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Next Palestinian autocrat: ‘We’ll retract recognition of Israel’

Palestinian Authority’s Vice Chairman threatens to terminate security coordination with the IDF and retract its recognition of the State of Israel, if Jerusalem’s freeze on Palestinian terror payments continues.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Palestinian Authority (PA) Vice Chairman Mahmoud Aloul on Monday said that if Israel continues freezing tax funds, the PA will cease security coordination with Israel and retract its recognition of the State of Israel, Israel Hayom reported.

Israel’s cabinet in February approved the implementation of the freeze on funds to the Palestinian Authority. The law, which passed in July 2018 with a majority of 87 Knesset members, offset 502,697,000 shekels ($138,426,818) from funds transferred from Israel to the PA. Continue Reading »

Exposed: IDF arrests Gazan who asked to be shot to get monthly stipend

After approaching the border fence with Israel, Bana entered the closed military zone and called out to the IDF soldiers to shoot him after they fired ‘warning-shots’ into the air. Instead, he continued on to get arrested, refusing Hamas’ beckoning to return to Gaza.

By Israel Today Staff


A Palestinian man from Gaza has been arrested after approaching the border fence with Israel and demanding that the IDF soldiers guarding it shoot him so he could collect a monetary reward from Hamas.

Mustafa Bana was among the thousands of Gazans who violently rioted along Gaza’s security fence last month.

Gaza protesters approaching Israel’s security fence.

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Analysis: The Taylor Force Act, designed to stop funds for Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’

WATCH VIDEO: Breaking down largely along partisan lines, democrats debate against legislation that would deduct funding to the Palestinians if PA leadership continues to divvy out monthly stipends to jailed terrorists and the families of terrorists that were killed.

By Charles Bybelezer/The Media Line


Twenty-nine-year-old Taylor Force survived military tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but never returned home from a visit to Israel. In March 2016, the US veteran was stabbed to death in Jaffa (located adjacent to Tel Aviv), a victim of a months-long violent uprising—dubbed the “Stabbing Intifada”—which killed dozens of Israelis and resulted in the deaths of more than 200 Palestinians (mostly attackers subsequently killed by security forces). Continue Reading »

With only 50% of promised foreign funding in 2016, PA still pays full terrorists’ pensions


Abbas’ Palestinian Authority set to adopt austerity policies for state workers after deficit of over $1 billion due to unfulfilled pledges of foreign funding.

By Gary Willig


The Palestinian Authority (PA) is facing a budget crisis after receiving only one half of the foreign donations it expected in 2016, Reuters reported.

“We had expected to get $1.2 billion in [foreign] support and offers but we have only received $640 million so far,” PA Prime Minister Rami Al-Hamdallah told the Al-Quds newspaper Tuesday.

Some Arab Quartet states stopped their donations in mid-2016l in order to pressure PA President Mahmoud Abbas to initiate political reforms that will lead to peace with Israel. - IsraelandStuff/PP

Some Arab Quartet states stopped their donations in mid-2016 in order to pressure PA President Mahmoud Abbas to initiate political reforms that will lead to peace with Israel.

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In Dutch Report: Palestinian Official says ‘Terrorists who kill civilian Israelis are heroes’


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WATCH: In a blatant example of incitement/encouragement to murder Israelis, Fatah official Qadura Fares, who is responsible for paying monthly pensions to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail, is recorded saying in an interview that terrorists are heroes regardless of whom they kill…even unarmed Israeli civilians.

By Ari Soffer


The head of the Palestinian Authority’s “Prisoners’ Society” has said that terrorists who murder Israeli civilians are “heroes,” underscoring the ongoing culture of incitement within the PA.

Qadura Fares is a senior member of Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party, and has served as a minister in the PA government. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Palestinians Never Stopped Paying Jailed Terrorists with Foreign Aid


Despite assurances to stop paying terrorists with foreign aid received from US, EU, UK, & a dozen European countries, a recent report documented that Palestinian Authority is paying no less than $116 million a year in monthly stipends to convicted terrorists and their families.


The Palestinian Authority has continued to award lifetime payments to convicted terrorists, despite a promise to end the practice, an investigative report published Sunday by The Mail on Sunday (MoS) revealed. The report was part of a broader investigation into what the paper described as the “wasteful” use of British taxpayer money. Continue Reading »