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Israel Enveloped In Thickest Sandstorm in Past 75 Years

The abomination on the Temple Mount has disapeared behind the sandstorm in Jerusalem.


With no immediate relief in sight, hundreds of people throughout Israel have already been treated for respiratory problems, with some children & adults hospitalized.
• Flights to Eilat currently grounded.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Meteorological reports on Tuesday confirmed what Israelis, who have not seen the sun or been able to breathe without coughing since Monday, already knew: The country is in the grips of a sandstorm of unprecedented scale.

The view of Haifa in northern Israel is nearly obliterated by sand – Photo: Michel Dot Com

Major sandstorms are typical in the spring, but on Tuesday Israel and its neighboring nations woke up to the heaviest September sandstorm in 15 years. Continue Reading »