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Bedazzling Heat Lightning Awes Jerusalem, Dead Sea


Jerusalem natives report that they had never seen such heat lightning at end of Rosh Hashanah, as winter rains appear to be on their way.

By Ari Yashar, Reut Hadar


The massive dust storm that started in Israel last Tuesday largely dissipated on Sunday just in time for the start of the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, but as the holiday ended on Tuesday night the stuffy heat led to extremely rare heat lightning in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Residents of the capital told Arutz Sheva that they saw constant ongoing heat lightning light up the skies in the southwestern Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem. Continue Reading »

Israel Enveloped In Thickest Sandstorm in Past 75 Years

The abomination on the Temple Mount has disapeared behind the sandstorm in Jerusalem.


With no immediate relief in sight, hundreds of people throughout Israel have already been treated for respiratory problems, with some children & adults hospitalized.
• Flights to Eilat currently grounded.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Meteorological reports on Tuesday confirmed what Israelis, who have not seen the sun or been able to breathe without coughing since Monday, already knew: The country is in the grips of a sandstorm of unprecedented scale.

The view of Haifa in northern Israel is nearly obliterated by sand – Photo: Michel Dot Com

Major sandstorms are typical in the spring, but on Tuesday Israel and its neighboring nations woke up to the heaviest September sandstorm in 15 years. Continue Reading »

Heat Wave Scorches Israel

Electricity consumption in Israel peaked at 12,800 megawatts Monday with  the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea & the Arava registering their lowest temperatures at 33°-35°C /91°-95°F.

By Dan Lavie, Nitzi Yaakov, Hili Yakobi-Handelsman, Hezi Sternlicht & Yori Yalon


Sunday night was among the hottest ever recorded in Israel, according to the national meteorological service. In the Dead Sea, Jordan and Arava valleys, the lowest temperatures were 33-35 degrees Celsius (91-95 Fahrenheit), while in the coastal region the low was 29 degrees Celsius (84.2 Fahrenheit).
Continue Reading »

Israel Sizzling Under Scorching Heat Wave

Temperatures hit 10 year record high – 114.8ºF (46ºC) at Dead Sea, but heat-wave expected to break & give way to rainy weekend.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel on Wednesday suffered the most intense heat wave to hit the country in over a decade. Temperatures ranged from 37ºC (98.6ºF) in Jerusalem to a sizzling 46ºC (114.8ºF) at the Dead Sea. The populous coastal plain was sweating with temperatures hitting between 42ºC (107ºF) to 44ºC (111ºF).

Israeli children cool themselves in a public fountain in Jerusalem. – Source: Israel Today

Unsurprisingly, the dry and hot weather resulted in not a few fires, one of which destroyed three houses in Tel Mond, not far from the coastal town of Netanya. Continue Reading »

Unseasonal rain across Israel causing flooding in south

Heaviest rain fell in Arad & Ra’anana, measuring 50 millimeters of rain since Wednesday night leaving hundreds of tourists stranded.


Heavy rain fell Wednesday night across most of the country. The rain is expected to continue through Thursday afternoon and there may be some isolated storms Friday as well.

Jerusalem.- Photo by Reuters

According to Meteotech, the largest quantities of rain fell in Arad and Ra’anana, the latter registering 50 millimeters of rain since Wednesday night. There are reports of flooding in the south.

Police in Israel say rescuers are evacuating dozens of American tourists who were stranded overnight in a parking lot in the Negev desert due to rare heavy rains.

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Strong Winds Uproot Palm Trees in Eilat injuring 3


Unusually strong winds downed Palm trees crushing vehicles & smashing through walls leaving one woman & 2 children injured.

By Meir Ohayon


Vehicles and homes in Eilat sustained significant damage Sunday morning from heavy winds which battered the seaside resort. Three lightly injured patients checked into the Yoseftal Medical Center in the city for further treatment. One woman was hurt by a falling tree, while two children were struck by flying debris.

(Photo: Eilat Police)

Photo: Israel Police

Traffic police closed off roadways blocked by fallen trees, while the local fire department worked diligently to clear the streets. Heavy traffic was noted on Route 90 near the city’s many resort hotels; visitors to Eilat vacationing in camping areas for the holiday weekend were forced to take down their tents. Continue Reading »

After too long a dry season rain begins to fall in Israel

Rainfall from the Upper Galilee to desert flooding between highway 40 from the Zin Valley to Mitzpe Ramon.



With one of Israel’s driest winters on record nearing its end, light rain began to fall in various parts of the country on Sunday.

Rain in Jerusalem, March 9, 2014.- Photo MARC ISRAEL SELLEM

Both Arab & Jew get wet together from the Rain in Jerusalem, March 9, 2014.- Photo MARC ISRAEL SELLEM

As of 5 p.m. a wide band of rain stretched from north of the Sea of Galilee to the southern Negev.

Due to floods in the desert, police closed Highway 40 from The Zin Valley to Mitzpe Ramon on Sunday afternoon. Continue Reading »

Israel receives welcomed weekend rain

Meteorologists predict weekend rains would continue overnight on Saturday & hopefully into Sunday, coming to an end by the afternoon.


The country experienced a welcome hiatus from the dry winter on Friday night and once again during the day on Saturday.

Pedestrians in rain - Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Pedestrians in rain – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

The North received the most precipitation as of Saturday night, with 108 millimeters accumulating in Rosh Hanikra from Friday night through Saturday at about 8 p.m., on-duty weather forecasters at the Israel Meteorological Service told The Jerusalem Post.

Haifa received about 20 millimeters during that period, while Tel Aviv got approximately 16 millimeters. Continue Reading »

Dead Sea water level continues to fall despite winter storms

Even though the Dead Sea’s level continues to fall, Lake Kinneret in the Galilee celebrated an increase of 11 cm. during the same period.



As rainstorms barreled through Israel in December, drenching fields and filling up reservoirs, the Dead Sea’s water level continued to drop.

The Dead Sea. - Photo: REUTERS

The Dead Sea. – Photo: REUTERS

By early January, the Dead Sea fell to 427.82 meters below sea level, three centimeters lower than the 427.79 m. below sea level measured the month before, according to Dead Sea and Arava Science Center researcher Eli Raz, citing raw data from the Water Authority’s Hydrological Services. Continue Reading »

December’s snowstorm cost Jerusalem $80 million in damages

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, asks for state funds to rebuild, calling the storm Israel’s ‘tsunami.



The unusual snowstorm that swept Jerusalem last month will cost the capital more than $80 million in damages, Mayor Nir Barkat said Wednesday.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. – Photo: Reuters


Appearing before the Knesset Finance Committee, Barkat demanded that the state compensate the municipality for the estimated 290 million shekel cost of repairs. “This was a tsunami that the city has never seen before,” Barkat said. “The state must recognize this storm as a natural disaster.”

“The municipality expects the government to volunteer and provide significant financial assistance to enable the city to return to its pre-storm state and to ensure that the damage does not fall on the residents’ shoulders and double their suffering,” he said. Continue Reading »

With school still out in some parts of the country, Israelis flock to ski


Jerusalem, Safat & Ariel are among communities canceling classes Monday (List included) as mountainous regions are still under snow or iced-up .

Hundreds flock to Hermon for Israeli ski experience.

Icy conditions continue to close roads near Jerusalem, while 8,000 homes still without electricity.

By Ahiya Raved




Even though it’s stopped snowing, it’s not all business as usual. On Monday, schools in Jerusalem, Safed, the Upper Galilee and the West Bank canceled classes and kept their doors closed for another day.

Israelis flock to Hermon (Photo: Avihu Shapira)

Israelis flock to Hermon – Photo: Avihu Shapira

Meanwhile, hundreds of skiers made their way to the Mount Hermon Monday morning, after the snow site opened to visitors. Continue Reading »

Latest Storm a Boost to the Kinneret

The “storm of the decade” that hit Israel this past weekend brought much needed water to the country’s aquifers and Lake Kinnert.

By David Lev


The “storm to end all storms” that hit Israel this past weekend will be remembered not only for how a major snowstorm brought many parts of the country to a halt, but for the unusual bounty of water it provided the country. According to the Meteorological Institute, over 200 millimeters of rain fell between Wednesday and Saturday on average in Israel.

That water, in the form of rain and melting snow, will eventually fill Israel’s aquifers, as well as the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. Continue Reading »

Thousands escaped Jerusalem During Historic Winter Storm

Israel Railways took the unprecedented step of running trains for the first time into and out of Jerusalem during Shabbat to aid people escape the worst of the storm.

By Ryan Jones


The massive three-day winter storm that slammed Israel over the weekend finally came to an end on Sunday, though its effects were still being felt throughout the country, especially in Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Thousands Fleeing Jerusalem During Massive Winter Storm – Photo source: Israel Today

During the height of the storm, hundreds of people were stranded on the roads leading in and out of Jerusalem, and thousands fled the capital via train. Continue Reading »

With storm winding down 35,000 households still without power


Electric Corp workers struggle to access electrical wires as 16 inches of snow in Jerusalem area leaves tens of thousands without electricity.

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir

As snow continues to pile up in Jerusalem and northern mountain tops, tens of thousands of Israeli households are still without power. The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) said 35,000 households across the country are without power as a result of the tough weather conditions.

Armored carrier in Jerusalem (Photo: Almog Melichi)

Armored carrier in Jerusalem – Photo: Almog Melichi

They include 12,900 in Jerusalem, 7,000 in the north, 2,000 in central and southern Israel and thousands more in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Aerial View of Snowy Jerusalem Under Siege


Road closures throughout Jerusalem and on roads entering & exiting the capital as snow blankets the city & surrounding area.

The worst of the cold weather system expected Friday.

By Israel Hayom Staff



Fifty centimeters (19.7 inches) of snow fell in Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday (as of press time), leading to a state of emergency in the city, to which entrance and exit roads have been closed.

A Jerusalem light rail train pushes through the snow on Thursday – Photo: Lior Mizrahi

“I’ve heard of making guests welcome and feeling at home. This is as far as I’ve seen anyone go, giving a nice New England snow storm,” said U.S. Continue Reading »