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Lebanese Shi’ite cleric holds out olive branch to Jews, Christians on Facebook in peace-seeking campaign


Lebanese cleric, Sayyed Muhammad Ali Husseini, preaches inter-faith messages of tolerance in part of a larger social media campaign for peace & co-existence in his multilingual Facebook messages.


A Shi’ite Lebanese cleric has extended an olive branch to Jewish and Christian leaders around the world with a message of non-violence.

Sayyed Muhammad Ali Husseini – Photo: Facebook

Sayyed Muhammad Ali Husseini, secretary general of the Arabic Islamic Council, took to Facebook on Sunday to warn of the dangers of religious extremism.

“We call on rabbis, priests, cardinals and Muslim clerics, Sunni and Shia, to play down the verses, the scriptures, the traditions and the religious texts that call for violence, because they are more dangerous than nuclear weapons,” he wrote at the beginning of a long message. Continue Reading »