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Women from Samaria : Arab Men Accost & Harass Us on Buses

In a letter written to Israel’s Transport Minister, women describe how riding the bus home from work has become a nightmare.

By Arutz Sheva


A group of women who live in Samaria have sent letters to Minister of Transport, Yisrael Katz, in which they complain that using public transportation has become a nightmarish experience, because of harassment by Arabs.

Afikim bus – Photo: Hillel Meir

Arutz Sheva has obtained copies of letters sent to the Transport Minister and to the mayor of Ariel, in which women complain of sexual harassment on bus lines that go from central Israel to Samaria destinations

One woman, whom we will identify as Ayin, wrote: “Last Sunday, I rode the 186 bus from Petach Tikva to Ariel as I always do, on my way back from work. Continue Reading »

Bar Ilan U. Pamphlet : Soldiers & Settlers Molest Arab Women

A pamphlet published by the Rackman Center contains erroneous & unsupported claims that Jews sexually harass Arabs in Judea & Samaria.

By Gil Ronen


A brochure published by Bar Ilan University, Israel’s only religious university, contains the outrageous claim that Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria and IDF soldiers sexually harass Arab women. The claim is not contested in the brochure.

Bar Ilan campus

Bar Ilan campus – University website

The brochure was prepared by Bar Ilan’s Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women, and its cover displays the logos of Bar Ilan University and the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights, which is affiliated with the American Jewish Committee (AJC). Continue Reading »