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6th Israeli Murdered So Far by Imprisoned Terrorists Freed in ‘Shalit Swap’

The latest murder in Israel brings to six the number of Israelis ambushed & brutally murdered by terrorists that were freed from incarceration is a trade for a single soldier in 2011.

By Gil Ronen


Opponents of the 2011 deal that freed captured soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,070 terrorist prisoners are experiencing a sad vindication as more and more Israelis are being murdered by terrorists freed in that deal.

News of the arrest of the terror ring that was responsible for the recent murder of Malachi Rosenfeld includes the information that the cell was directed from Gaza by Ahmed Najar, who was freed in the Shalit deal. Continue Reading »

Hamas’ Business in Ransoming Kidnapped Israelis Escalates With More Demands

Senior Hamas henchman Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterates his demands saying the negotiations are ‘closed’ until Israeli releases dozens of imprisoned terrorists.

By Dalit Halevi


Hamas is continuing to demand massive concessions from Israel as a precondition for even starting talks over two Israeli citizens held captive in Gaza.

In an interview Thursday with Turkish media, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterated conditions set by the terrorist groupThursday for opening talks over 26-year-old Avraham Mengistu and another as-yet unnamed Israeli civilian it is holding hostage, as well as the remains of two soldiers still held by Hamas since last year’s Operation Protective Edge.
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