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Yo App Proves BDS & Anti-Israel Boycotts are Ineffective

Even a basic smartphone app from Israel, that basically does little to nothing, can amass $1 million in funding, despite the efforts of boycotters.

By Israel Today Staff


Global efforts to boycott Israel are failing, and nothing proves that more than the vast sums of investment dollars that are poured into the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Fully 11 percent of all global hi-tech investments every year go to Israel. That’s a huge figure considering Israel’s minuscule size.

And then there’s the regular multi-billion dollar acquisitions of Israeli start-ups and the fact that the world’s leading technology corporations all maintain significant research and development centers in the Jewish state. Continue Reading »

Larry King to Help Form Israel’s Silicon Valley Chambers of Commerce

Companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo have established offices around the Technion, recruiting students and turning the area into a “second silicon valley.”

Elad Benari


American television legend Larry King is joining up with the Technion in Haifa to establish the Israel Silicon Valley Chambers of Commerce.

The Globes financial newspaper reported that the initiative will foster Israeli high tech, by strengthening ties between the two locations and to channel budgets from multinationals for the opening of R&D centers in Israel.

King, the former CNN host who currently hosts a successful show over the internet, and Technion president Prof. Continue Reading »