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Int’l Christian Embassy to be 1st Organization to Inaugurate Jerusalem’s New Arena

Christian Embassy moves its annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, to Jerusalem’s brand new, modern 11,000-seat Pais arena.

By Israel Today Staff


The following is a press release by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem regarding their upcoming Feast of Tabernacles celebration to be held at Jerusalem’s new Pais Arena.

New Jerusalem Pais Arena - Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

New Jerusalem Pais Arena – Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is pleased to announce that our annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration will have a new home this coming October 10-15, as we will be moving the week-long event to the brand new Jerusalem Pais Arena, near Malha mall.

For the past 33 years, the ICEJ has hosted its Feast gathering in the Jerusalem Convention Center, drawing thousands of Christians each year for a dynamic celebration of this biblical festival when the nations are welcomed in Jerusalem.

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American Christians Came to Samaria to Assist in Sukkot Harvest

Video: Sukkot event at Har Bracha in the Shomron show American group of volunteers from HaYovel, an int’l humanitarian organization which supports Jewish farming in Judea & Samaria

By Kochava Rozenbaum


In cooperation with the Har Bracha community in the Shomron (Samaria) and Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, the head of the Har Bracha yeshiva, dozens of Christian volunteers from the United States joined families in the year’s annual harvest of crops.

Tommy Waller led his group of volunteers from HaYovel, an international humanitarian organization which supports farming in Yesha (Judea and Samaria).

Despite previous accusations that HaYovel were a missionary group, Rabbi Melamed described the event as “a blessed phenomena of non-Jews seeing the truth and pledging themselves to help the Jewish Nation in the heartland of the Jewish Land.” Continue Reading »

Gaza Rocket Shot as Southern Israel on Eve of Sukkot


Qassam rocket fired at Israel by Palestinians, was found in Hof Ashkelon farm land, by the IDF.

Rocket ‘ruins the holiday, but we’ll keep sitting in the Sukkah – if there is need we’ll run to the shelter’ says area resident.

By Matan Tzuri

IDF forces have found the remnants of a Qassam rocket which exploded in an agricultural field in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council Wednesday night. No injuries or damage was reported.

Qassam rocket (archive) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

At around 1 am, a Color Red siren was reportedly heard in the area, but no blast was immediately reported. Continue Reading »

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration issues Sukkot advisories

A U.S. agriculture specialist will inspect the ethrog. If either insect stings or pests are found, the ethrog will be prohibited from entering the US. If neither is found, the traveler will be allowed to rewrap & re-box the ethrog for entry.



WASHINGTON — U.S. authorities released travel guidelines for Sukkot.

“TSA’s screening procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four plants used during Sukkot – a palm branch, myrtle twigs, willow twigs, and a citron – in airports, through or security checkpoints, or on airplanes,” the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement, noting the dates of this year’s Sukkot holiday, from Sept.

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