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Tripoli: A Sunni Hezbollah Commander Assassinated

Masked gunman on motorbikes shoot dead a Sunni militia commander, Hassan al-Mouri, along with 2 other men who were near him amid rising sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

By Ari Soffer


A leading supporter of the Hezbollah terrorist group was assassinated in Tripoli on Thursday.

Sunni Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon – Reuters

Al-Mouri was gunned down by “masked men on motorbikes,” along with a security official and a bystander, according to a security source quoted by the Lebanese Naharnet website.

The 40 year-old leader of a pro-Hezbollah Sunni militia was standing at the entrance to his home along with the two other men when the gunmen drove up and shot them. Continue Reading »

Past Lebanese PM: Hezbollah pulling us into ‘Syrian fire’

Lebanese Sunni leader and ex-PM Saad al-Hariri, responds to Nasrallah’s statement that Hezbollah would escalate its military support for Assad’s regime.

By Reuters

Lebanon’s leading Sunni Muslim politician Saad al-Hariri accused Hezbollah on Saturday of dragging the country deeper into Syria’s civil war after the Shi’ite militant group’s leader said he was ready to go to Syria himself to fight.

Hezbollah supporters cheer Nasrallah as he broadcasts his speech from a hidden underground bunker that protects him from Arab assassins & Israel. – Photo: AP

Hariri, a former prime minister, was responding to a speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah who said that a car bomb in Shi’ite southern Beirut would only redouble the group’s military support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Continue Reading »

Nasrallah: I’m Prepared to Go to Syria & Fight Myself

Hezbollah leader reported that Thursday’s car bombing in Beirut will not prevent fighters from his Shiite organization from fighting in Syria.

By Elad Benari, Canada


A day after a car bomb blast in a Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut killed at least 20 people, the terrorist group’s leader said he was willing to go fight in Syria himself.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah delivering a speech from his underground bunker – Photo: AFP

Hezbollah terrorists have been fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s troops against rebels.

“I will go myself to Syria if it is so necessary in the battle against the takfiris (radical Sunni Muslims), Hezbollah and I will go to Syria” to fight rebels trying to oust the Damascus regime, Hassan Nasrallah declared in a speech broadcast on television in Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Sunni Group Warns ‘Pig Nasrallah’ He’ll Pay for Being Agent of Israel

A Sunni group takes responsibility for 2nd bomb attack in a Hezbollah stronghold, issuing stern warning to the terrorist group’s chief.

Warnings & claims of responsibility ignored as Lebanese Shiites prefer blaming Israel.

By Elad Benari


A Sunni Islamist group took credit on Thursday for the car bombing in a Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut which killed at least 20 people.

Scene of explosion in Beirut – Reuters

Shortly after news of the attack broke, an online video surfaced showing three masked men, two of them holding rifles, in front of a white flag inscribed with the Islamic profession of faith, reported AFP. Continue Reading »