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Watch: BDS Activist Arrested When He Attacked Pro-Israel Rally

As pro-Israel group continues to fight against BDS boycotters in Brighton, British police detained least 6 anti-Israel activists.

By Ari Soffer


At least six anti-Israel protesters were arrested after attempting to disrupt a pro-Israel rally in the English town of Brighton on Saturday.

SFI activists supporting Eco Stream in Brighton – Photo: Oren Teichman

The arrests came during weekly protests and counter-protests at the Israeli Eco Stream store in the southern town, which supporters of the so-called BDS movement have been calling on people to boycott.

For their latest protest, BDS groups – including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) – enlisted support from several trade union groups in an attempt to re-energize their campaign, which began to flounder after a concerted effort by locals, led by Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI), to counter their calls for an anti-Israel boycott. Continue Reading »