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Palestinian Arabs Demonstrate to Remove Americans from “Palestine”

Palestinian Arabs demonstrate in Ramallah, demanding all American presence, like the Jewish presence, be removed from “Palestine”.

By Dalit Halev


Palestinian Arabs demonstrated in Ramallah on Thursday, demanding the closure of the America House which, is operated by the U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem and located in the city of Ramallah.

America House in Ramallah – Photo: Facebook

The role of the America House, which is established in 2010, is to disseminate American culture.

The protesters demanded the removal of American workers and the closure of their offices, in protest of the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and its intention to move the U.S. Continue Reading »

Pro-Israel Palestinian Arab calls out anti-Israel Jews at AIPAC


Solomon, a Palestinian Arab born into a religious Muslim family, also spoke out during the IfNotNow demonstration outside the AIPAC conference Sunday, calling the claim that Israel occupies Arab land, “a lie.”

By David Rosenberg


Anti-Israel demonstrators associated with the IfNotNow organization protested outside of the AIPAC conference in Washington DC on Sunday, blasting the Netanyahu government, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and AIPAC’s support for Israel.

The protesters included a large contingent of far-left Jewish radicals, including IfNotNow founder Simone Zimmerman, who served as Jewish outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary bid in 2016.

Sandra Solomon – Photo Courtesy of CIJNEWS.COM

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Video Report: West Bank Palestinian demonstration against Abbas gets violent


view videoTensions rise in West Bank refugee camps over the Palestinian Authority’s control, which is causing concern, as the future of Mahmoud Abbas’ authority remains in limbo since demonstrations and armed clashes have broken out.





View original Arutz Sheva publication at:
http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/219894 Continue Reading »

IDF open fire on violent Palestinians protesting near Israel’s border fence with Gaza

Gaza demonstration turns violent as Palestinian group begins throwing stones at IDF near Israel’s border with Gaza.
– No injuries reported.

By Elior Levy


The IDF has reportedly opened fire on a group of Palestinian protesters who approached the border fence between Gaza Strip and Israel.

Hamas protest – Archive photo: AP

The incident, which has not yet been confirmed by the IDF, followed reports of a Hamas-backed protest held earlier in Gaza decring the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza.

The march was attended by Hamas’ Gaza leader Isamil Haniyeh who demanded the world free Gaza from the siege.

According to Palestinian reports, a group of protesters neared the Erez Crossing border terminal, crossing the Palestinian checkpoint from the Gazan side of the border. Continue Reading »

At Trafalgar Square, UK Israel Activists Preform: ‘Siren Flash Mob’

Pro-Israel activists stage ‘Siren Flash Mob’ demonstration to ‘show the public what it’s like to live under constant rocket fire’.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Activists in the UK found a creative way to raise awareness for the plight of Israelis, holding a “siren flash mob” in London’s Trafalgar Square “to show the public what it’s like to live under rocket fire.”




‘Siren flash mob’ in London:

A similar demonstration was held in Vienna last month. Both flash mobs sought to draw attention to how many Israelis have as little as 15 seconds to run to bomb shelters as Hamas and other Gazan terrorist groups indiscriminately bombard their communities with rockets. Continue Reading »

Shots Fired as Palestinian Thugs Attack Pro-Israel Demonstrators in Los Angeles

Homeland Security officer fired at least one shot at fleeing PLO flag brandishing assailants, the latest in a string of assaults on supporters of Israel.

By Ari Soffer


A pro-Israel rally came under attack Sunday night outside the Federal Building in Westwood, Los Angeles – the latest in a worrying string of similar instances in the US and Europe.

More than 2,000 supporters of Israel were demonstrating peacefully against terrorist rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, and in support of the Jewish state’s measures to defend itself, when witnesses say four men in a pickup truck launched a violent assault, according to the Jewish Journal. Continue Reading »

Thousands of Hamas Supporters Protest Against Israel in Paris & London

Pro-Palestinian & Hamas supporters, demonstrating by the thousands in UK & French capitals, call for the end of Israeli military strikes on Hamas in Gaza.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Thousands of pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators turned out on the streets of London and Paris on Friday to call for an end to Israeli military strikes on Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators protest against Israel in London

Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators protest against Israel in London – Reuters

According to The Associated Press (AP), several thousand people crowded the streets outside the Israeli Embassy in west London, waving placards that read “Gaza: End the Siege” and “Freedom for Palestine.”

The crowds blocked an entire road and several protesters managed to climb on top of a double-decker bus stuck in traffic, but police said the protest was largely peaceful, according to the report. Continue Reading »

Watch: BDS Activist Arrested When He Attacked Pro-Israel Rally

As pro-Israel group continues to fight against BDS boycotters in Brighton, British police detained least 6 anti-Israel activists.

By Ari Soffer


At least six anti-Israel protesters were arrested after attempting to disrupt a pro-Israel rally in the English town of Brighton on Saturday.

SFI activists supporting Eco Stream in Brighton – Photo: Oren Teichman

The arrests came during weekly protests and counter-protests at the Israeli Eco Stream store in the southern town, which supporters of the so-called BDS movement have been calling on people to boycott.

For their latest protest, BDS groups – including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) – enlisted support from several trade union groups in an attempt to re-energize their campaign, which began to flounder after a concerted effort by locals, led by Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI), to counter their calls for an anti-Israel boycott. Continue Reading »

Hamas arrests 13 and attacked scores at Pro-Abbas demonstration in Gaza


Fatah-organized rally in Gaza was to show support for ongoing peace process. Fatah official says Hamas security arrived and attacked some 80 demonstrators, arresting 13.



Thirteen people were arrested on Sunday as Gaza security forces broke up a demonstration backing Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas ahead of key talks at the White House, organizers said.

Hamas gunmen show off their weapons at rally in Gaza.Source: allvoices.com/

Hamas gunmen show off their weapons at rally in Gaza. Source: allvoices.com/

The rally was organized by Abbas’s Fatah party which is the dominant faction in the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, but a minority in the Gaza Strip which is ruled by the rival Islamist Hamas movement. Continue Reading »

Hundreds of Majdal Shams Druze rally support for Assad



Pro-Assad supporters among village’s Druze community insist the Syrian president couldn’t have been responsible for such attacks, and so they’re protesting against any int’l intervention, saying ‘Assad managed to maintain calm on Syria-Israel border for 40 years’

By Maor Buchnik

Several hundreds attended a pro-Assad in the Druze village of Majdal Shams Monday, carrying banners in favor of the Syrian president and condemning the prospect of a US attack on Syria.

Majdal Shams demonstration – Photo: Aviyahu Shapira

Zahad, local resident and a café owner, noted that protesters were interested in keeping Assad in the government and noted that he was also “against foreign intervention in the country, and not just because of Majdal Shams – it would be dangerous for Israel as well.” Continue Reading »