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Israel Air Force ‘tags’ jets that destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor

In a ceremony commemorating  Operation “Outside the Box”, pilots who carried out the 2007 attack in Syria, marked the planes that destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor.

By Kobi Finkler


A ceremony was held on Thursday to mark the 11th anniversary of Operation “Outside the Box”, during which the Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck the nuclear reactor in Syria, and to commemorate the achievements of the IAF during the course of the operation.

IAF F-15i jets being marked. –  Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The aircraft which took part in the operation belonged to three different squadrons: The 69th ‘Hammers’ Squadron, the 119th ‘Bat’ Squadron, and the 253rd ‘Negev’ Suadron. Continue Reading »

Revelation of Destroyed Syrian Nuclear Reactor Meant to be ‘Hint’ That Iran is Next

Everyone ‘knew it’, but now Jerusalem has confirmed it, and Israeli military & political players are all warning Iran that it will be next if Teheran’s religious leaders don’t change their current policies.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel on Wednesday formally acknowledged what everyone already knew – that its air force destroyed Syria’s nuclear reactor on September 6, 2007.

For over 10 years, Israeli officials have merely “winked” when asked about the operation. Now that it’s official, the IDF is calling the covert bombing operation deep inside Syrian territory a warning shot for other enemies.

“The message of the attack on the reactor in 2007 is that Israel will not accept the construction of a capability that threatens the existence of the State of Israel. Continue Reading »

Cleared for Publication: Jerusalem confirms its 2007 destruction of Syrian reactor

10 years after Israel’s 2007 strike on the nuclear reactor being built in Syria with North Korea’s help, a move that changed the future face of the region, the attack is finally cleared for publication.
– WATCH VIDEO detailing disagreements within Israel’s political echelon, warnings from the Mossad & IDF, and futile attempts to get the Americans involved, the entire operation is explained from first security reports to the IAF execution of the operation six months later.

By Noam Gil


On the night between September 5 and 6, 2007, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived at the Israel Air Force “pit” at the Kirya IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. Continue Reading »