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Israel develops revolutionary prostate cancer treatment at Weizmann Institute


Prof. Avigdor Scherz & Prof. Yoram Salomon of the Weizmann Institute develop a groundbreaking treatment for prostate cancer patients that targets the tumor without damaging genitalia, urinary tract, or general quality of life.

By Rotem Elizera


The incidence of prostate cancer, especially among men, in Israel has increased in the past two decades. However, Professor Avigdor Scherz and Professor Yoram Salomon of the Weizmann Institute have developed a groundbreaking treatment, bearing good news for the patients diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Special prostate cancer treatment. – Photo: Yariv Katz

Prostate cancer patients face a dilemma today: Undergoing prostate surgery and radiation, which often causes erectile dysfunction and urinary retention, or staying under “active surveillance,” which could allow the cancer to metastasize. Continue Reading »

Google chief: Israelis succeed because you challenge authority & question everything

Google boss tells students & researchers at the Weizmann Institute that, ‘I’m here because the impact Israelis are having on science & technology is immense.’

By Sagi Cohen


“Israel is booming in terms of entrepreneurship because you have a culture that allows you to challenge authority and question everything. You don’t follow the rules,” Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said on Sunday in an address to hundreds of students and researchers at the Weizmann Institute. Schmidt is currently on a short visit to Israel.

Eric Schmidt. Israeli culture ‘allows you to challenge authority.’ – Photo: Reuters/Archive

Schmidt was accompanied on his visit to the Weizmann Institute by Yossi Matias, vice-president for engineering and chief executive for R&D of Google Israel, as well as executives from the investment fund he heads, Innovation Endeavors, one of the most active funds in Israel in recent years. Continue Reading »

Scientists in Israel Have Determined Sleep Learning is Possible

In a new study, Weizmann Institute scientists proved it’s possible to learn while you’re asleep.

By Hana Levi Julian, MSW, LCSW-R


A new study by Weizmann Institute scientists has proven it’s possible to learn in your sleep.

The findings of the study, published today in Nature Neuroscience, state that if certain odors are presented after tones during sleep, people will start sniffing when they hear the tones alone – even when no odor is present – both during sleep and later, when awake.

In other words, people can learn new information while they sleep, and this can unconsciously modify their waking behavior. Continue Reading »