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Google and Facebook to begin paying Israel Tax Authority ‘within a year’

With the European Union still dealing with legal the process, Israel Tax Authority will be among the first to tax the internet giants such as Google and Facebook on revenues made on Israelis.



Israel plans to tax internet giants such as Google and Facebook within a year, the head of the tax authority said in remarks published on Wednesday.

An example of Facebook ‘bait & catch’ adverts to make revenues from Page owners to pay for the posts to be ‘Shared’ – “The more you pay, the more viewers get access” – Screenshot: Israel and Stuff

Israel Tax Authority chief Moshe Asher told Haaretz newspaper that  taxing tech giants would make Israel among the “first” in the world, as the European Union still grapples with the thorny process. Continue Reading »

Google uncovers ‘Israeli’ spy app made to track & hack smartphones


Google discovers what it fears to be the most dangerous android spyware to date, suspected of being created by an Israeli company, that can copy internal memory, messages, call logs, internet history as well as spy on people by remotely activating the smartphones’ camera and microphone.

By Sagi Cohen


Security researchers at Google and Lookout have discovered an extremely sophisticated Android app capable of spying on users by hacking their smartphones’ camera and microphone, as well as track calls, messages, internet history and more.

Called Chrysaor, the spyware seems to be linked to Pegasus, a notorious program that was found to be targeting iPhone users in 2016 and is suspected of having been created by Israeli firm NSO Group Technologies. Continue Reading »

Google censured for directing ‘Holocaust’ searches to revisionist neo-Nazi websites


Google adjusts its algorithms after users asking “Did the Holocaust happen?” found they were being directed to white-supremacist, neo-Nazi forum.
• Google: Algorithms to best answer a query is a challenge, and we don’t always get it right.

By Israel Hayom Staff & News Agencies


An embarrassed Google announced it was adjusting its algorithms after users who entered the question “Did the Holocaust happen?” in online searches were directed to a neo-Nazi website.

The results of the Google search for "Did the Holocaust happen?" - Photo- Screenshot 

The results of the Google search for “Did the Holocaust happen?” – Photo- Screenshot

Until recently, the top result the search engine provided to the query was a link to Stormfront, a white supremacist online forum, and an article titled “Top 10 reasons why the Holocaust didn’t happen.” Continue Reading »

Youtube deems pro-Israel videos as ‘restricted’ due to its objectionable content


view videoYoutube now included at least 21 pro-Israel educational videos in “restricted mode,” the same category as videos parents would filter for their children that contain objectionable or adult content.
WATCH: 3 examples included; decide for yourselves.

Arutz Sheva Staff


Youtube, owned by Google, has placed 21 videos of non-profit educational organization “Prager University,” run by conservative talk-show host Dennis Prager, on “restricted mode.” Among these are three pro-Israel videos relating to the founding of Israel, the IDF, and Palestinian refugees.

Restricted mode allows guardians to protect children from objectionable content by filtering out “restricted” videos in Youtube searches. “PragerU” videos are designed to be viewed by all ages.
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Google: We couldn’t have removed Palestine, it never existed on our maps


Google balks at Forum of Palestinian Journalists protesting alleged disappearance of “Palestine” from Google Maps, saying it never had a “Palestine” label on its map application, so nothing has changed.

By Ilan Gattegno, Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


Internet giant Google on Thursday clarified that, contrary to recent reports by a Palestinian group, it had not removed the “Palestine” label from its maps application.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Berlin last month – Photo: AFP

A statement by the Forum of Palestinian Journalists, posted on its website on Aug. 3, condemned “the crime carried out by Google in deleting the name of Palestine. Continue Reading »

Google chief: Israel’s tech 2nd only to America’s Silicon Valley

Formerly Google chief executive Eric Schmidt says, “For a relatively small country, Israel has a super role in technological innovation.”



A top Google official on Tuesday hailed Israel’s tech sector, saying it trailed only Silicon Valley in the United States when it comes to “initiatives.”

Google - Israel

Eric Schmidt, formerly Google chief executive and now executive chairman of its parent company Alphabet, said Israel, a country of only around eight million people, was punching far above its weight in technology.

“For a relatively small country, Israel has a super role in technological innovation,” he told an audience at Google’s offices in the commercial capital Tel Aviv. Continue Reading »

Israeli team signs deal with SpaceX for lead in Google moon race


Israel’s SpaceIL makes deal with California-based SpaceX for a rocket launch, accelerating them to front of 16 rival teams and on schedule for blast-off in late 2017.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


An Israeli team competing in a race to the moon sponsored by Google has signed a deal with California-based SpaceX for a rocket launch, putting it at the front of the pack and on target for blast-off in late 2017, officials said on Wednesday.

With the deadline to win a $20 million first-place prize just two years off, pressure is mounting on the 16 rivals from around the world hoping to complete a privately funded moon landing. Continue Reading »

Google chief: Israelis succeed because you challenge authority & question everything

Google boss tells students & researchers at the Weizmann Institute that, ‘I’m here because the impact Israelis are having on science & technology is immense.’

By Sagi Cohen


“Israel is booming in terms of entrepreneurship because you have a culture that allows you to challenge authority and question everything. You don’t follow the rules,” Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said on Sunday in an address to hundreds of students and researchers at the Weizmann Institute. Schmidt is currently on a short visit to Israel.

Eric Schmidt. Israeli culture ‘allows you to challenge authority.’ – Photo: Reuters/Archive

Schmidt was accompanied on his visit to the Weizmann Institute by Yossi Matias, vice-president for engineering and chief executive for R&D of Google Israel, as well as executives from the investment fund he heads, Innovation Endeavors, one of the most active funds in Israel in recent years. Continue Reading »

Foreign Ministry caucus seeks to eliminate anti-Semitic websites

With current laws on hate speech not being enforced, Israeli task-force of experts begin working to stop the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe by having Google remove search results that lead users to anti-Semitic, Holocaust denial websites.

By Shlomo Cesana


A special forum of some 1,000 experts put together by the Foreign Ministry has decided to act to combat the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe, including online.
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Israel’s high-tech boom is double-edged sword on local economy

As foreign companies are acquiring the ‘Start-up Nation’s high-profile companies that were providing hundreds of jobs locally, Israel’s market is being brain-drained as they move abroad.

By Reuters


Israeli entrepreneur Avi Brenmiller says he was coaxed by investors into selling Solel, his solar-thermal power firm, to Germany’s Siemens for $418 million in 2009. Today, little is left of it after Siemens pulled out of the business.

ScanDisk in USB port – IsraelandStuff/PP

From a thriving company that employed over 500 people, Solel has been reduced to a factory with 50 workers. Brenmiller’s experience is one of a growing number of cases illustrating the double-edged nature of Israel’s high-tech boom. Continue Reading »

HighTech: Google Glass alerts Israelis with time & place of incoming rockets


A new application for Google Glassware provides immediate, real-time status on missile attacks. The alerts provide the time & location of the attack, giving users the time to take cover.

By Iddo Genuth


Rockets have been raining down on Israeli cities at a rate of over 100 a day for the past week. Although the Iron Dome anti-missile system has been able to intercept a large majority of those projectiles and prevent serious damage, some of them did get through, injuring civilians. Even when Iron Dome is able to destroy the incoming rocket, debris from the rocket and the interceptor fall and scatter over a large area – something that might prove lethal for unsheltered civilians. Continue Reading »

Today Google honored Israel’s 1st astronaut Ilan Ramon, killed on Columbia space shuttle

For Ramon’s 60th Birthday visitors in Israel using the popular search engine saw a cartoon portraying Ramon as he gazes out into space.


Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut to enter space and who tragically perished along with his fellow crewmembers of the Columbia space shuttle over ten years ago, was paid tribute on Friday by Google’s Hebrew page to mark the occasion of his 60th birthday.


Ilan Ramon

Google’s Israel page pays homage to late astronaut Ilan Ramon on what would have been his 60th birthday. – Photo: GOOGLE

Visitors to the popular search engine saw a cartoon depicting Ramon as he gazes out into space. Continue Reading »

Google scoops up its 5th Israeli company


Google acquires its 5th Israeli company, SlickLogin, a 3-person company that developed tools to verify user ID through audio signals sent via a smartphone app.

By Ilan Gattegno


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Israeli app acquired for Google Glass


Users will now be able to record a reminder on Any.Do by speaking to Google Glass & watch reminders from the application on the glasses’ screen.

By Sagi Cohen

Google has chosen an Israeli application as one of the first in the world to work with Google Glass – the search engine giant’s new wearable technology.

google glass

Users will be able to record a reminder on Any.Do by speaking to Google Glass (archives)

Any.do, considered one of the most popular Israeli applications, has won quite a lot of praise in the past. The application is available for Android phones and iPhones and allows users to write tasks and reminders and organize them easily. Continue Reading »

Pro-Palestinian hackers change Google’s Palestine Web page

Google.ps, has been ‘redesigned’ by hackers, apparently objecting to the Google Maps labeling of  Israel and the Palestinian borders.



JERUSALEM — Pro-Palestinian hackers calling for changing Israel to Palestine on Google Maps hacked the Google Palestine Web page.


The hackers on Monday diverted traffic from google.ps and redirected users to a hacked version of Google’s homepage.

“uncle google we say hi from Palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called israel. Its called Palestine,” the hacked page read.

The hackers also said on the page that changing “Isreal” on Google Maps to “Palestine” would be “revolution.”

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