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Israeli soldier rescues Jewish woman, 3 children from abusive Arab husband

From a chance encounter at a border checkpoint, a sympathetic IDF soldier facilitates the rescue of a battered woman and her children from a persecuted existence with threats on her life in her Arab town.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A special operation of the Yad L’Achim organization ended successfully last week, with the rescue of a Jewish mother and her three children from the Arab man she had been tricked into marrying.

A. entering sovereign Israel with children after rescue – Photo: Yad L’Achim Spokesman

The Jewish woman, identified only as A., met and was deceived into marrying a young Arab working illegally in sovereign Israeli territory a full 15 years ago. Continue Reading »

Growing up as a Gaza Muslim, Jewish youth celebrates his Bar Mitzvah

After escaping the abuse from her ‘family’ in Gaza, the son of a Jewish woman tricked into marrying and living with a Palestinian, now celebrates his Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

By Ari Yashar


An unusual bar mitzvah ceremony was held on Tuesday for the son of a Jewish woman tricked into marrying and living with an Arab man in Gaza for years. The mother and her children recently managed to escape violent abuse and restart their lives as Jews.

“I lived for years as a Muslim. Today I stand as a proud Jewish youth,” remarked the bar mitzvah boy, referred to as D., Continue Reading »