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UK Muslims angry after Prince Harry invited IDF soldiers to Invictus Games

Report: Prince Harry has agreed to include Israeli participation in the 2022 Invictus Games, organized by the Duke of Sussex for wounded soldiers, which drew the ire of British Muslims according to The Daily Mail.

By Yulia Karra


Prince Harry has drawn ire of UK’s Muslims after it emerged that he invited Israeli soldiers and veterans wounded in battle to participate in a sporting event organized by the British royal, the Daily Mail newspaper reported Sunday.

The Duke of Sussex is the founder of the international multi-sport event, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in nine sports. Continue Reading »

Anti-Semitism watchdog working to have CAIR banished from US campuses

StopAntisemitism.org is seeking to expel CAIR from Georgia State University over its anti-Israel, pro-terrorist projects. Seven CAIR board members or staff have been banned from the U.S., indicted, arrested, convicted or have pleaded guilty on terrorist charges.

By Shiryn Ghermezian, JNS, Israel Hayom Staff


The watchdog group Stopantisemitism.org is calling on the US Department of Education and Georgie State University to keep the “terror-affiliated” Council on American-Islamic Relations off US college campuses.

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an American front group for the terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, is infiltrating the US education system,” said the petition, which already has nearly 2,000 signatures. Continue Reading »

Muslim headmaster says ‘Jews have a right to pray on Temple Mount’

A Muslim teacher and headmaster of a school in the Arab town of Tamra, in the Lower Galilee, says that Jews should also have the right to pray on the Temple Mount, admitting, it should be a place of worship for all religions.

By Israel Today Staff


The Temple Mount [known to Muslims as Al Haram Ash Sharif] has long been at the center of the Middle East conflict. All three major world religions–Judaism, Christianity and Islam–claim it as holy to their faith. As such, it is much more than just a political flashpoint.

The Muslims control most of the Temple Mount, and use it as a platform for violent protest and to express their displeasure over Israeli politics, and, indeed, the very existence of the Jewish state. Continue Reading »

China moves 1 million Muslims to concentration camps; UN to discuss Israel

Diplomatic sources said there’s no indication any country would present a U.N. resolution on China, but a U.N. report on Israel’s use of force against rioting Palestinian protestors in Gaza last year is to be issued.
• Saudi Crown Prince defended Beijing: “China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremization work for its national security.”

By News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday defended China’s use of concentration camps for Muslims, saying it was Beijing’s “right,” the Telegraph reported.

“China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremization work for its national security,” the crown prince, who is in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the chagrin of his Western allies, told Chinese state television. Continue Reading »

Arab States ask Azerbaijan’s President how he balances ties with Israel

The Azerbaijani leader reveled to a visiting American Rabbi that officials from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan “are looking for his guidance on how to navigate being a Muslim country committed to Islam, and at the same time reaching out and supporting Israel.”



Saudi, Pakistani, Afghani and Emirati officials are asking Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev about how to balance their identities as Muslim countries with a relationship with Israel, the Azerbaijani leader told an American rabbi on Monday.

Rabbi Marc Schneier , who met with Aliyev in Baku, said the Azerbaijani leader told him – without going into names – that officials from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Pakistan “are looking for his guidance on how to navigate being a Muslim country committed to Islam, and at the same time reaching out and supporting Israel.” Continue Reading »

After Being Exiled for Visiting Jewish State, Bangladeshi Returns to Israel

Growing up in Bangladesh, a majority Muslim country & raised in an anti-Israel education system, Dr. Shadman Zaman, 25, returned in Israel on Wednesday from the UK, after being banned from his home country for visiting Israel in February.
 – Dr. Shadman Zaman, says, “I’m a stateless Zionist.”



Banned from his home country after visiting Israel in February, the first Bangladeshi national to ever visit, returned to the Jewish state this week for an advocacy trip with a Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland delegation.

Dr. Shadman Zaman, 25, arrived in Israel on Wednesday from the UK, where he currently resides. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Police Chief: Dept. Seeking To Recruit Huge Number of Muslim Officers


Police Commissioner Alsheikh says Israel National Police is preparing for a massive recruitment campaign to integrate more Israeli Muslims.

By Ahiya Raved


Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh spoke at a Tuesday ceremony, commemorating the official appointment of new Police Northern District Major General Alon Asor, saying that his organization will embark on a recruiting effort to enlist Muslims officers.

Police commissioner Alsheikh. – Photo: Ido Erez

“The police has been intensely handling the deepening of cooperation with the Arab population – while establishing police stations in Arab towns, and a massive recruitment effort of officers from the Muslim sector,” Alsheikh said. Continue Reading »

As Arabs Barricade Their Borders, Condemnations Levied at Europe for Refusing Muslim Refugees


view videoIn Saudi Arabia, which refuses to allow in refugees, its media is criticizing Europe after Slovakia announced Muslims won’t ‘feel at home’ since they have no mosques, and Cyprus reported that it prefers Orthodox Christian refugees only.

By Roi Kais


More and more European countries have abandoned the continent’s famous policy of political correctness in recent days, and admit unabashedly: They are willing to take in only Christian refugees, not Muslims. 

After Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, who all came out against taking in refugees, the great majority of which are Muslim, Cyprus announced on Monday that it was willing to take in 300 refugees – but wants them to be Christian.  Continue Reading »

In Israel, and Around the World, Muslims Begin Ramadan

The month long fast of purification is when Muslims try to ‘quit lying, profanity & gossiping’, or for many others, it’s a way to just lose weight.

By Hassan Shaalan


The Muslim world is on Thursday celebrating the start of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from early morning to night and pray for a whole month.

Shop stocked up for the holiday in Taybeh

Countless people around the world and Israel will consecrate the next month to the purification of the soul by avoiding food, drink, smoking, and sexual relations. In the Arab sector they point out that during Ramadan many will try to “quit lying, gossip and profanity.” Continue Reading »

Muslim prayer room now available at Bar-Ilan University


In light of the chaos & racist comments the Bar-Ilan Muslim students are subjected to, as they pray in public, the university is allocating them a private prayer room to allow them ‘to pray in a respectable fashion.’

By Itay Blumenthal, Shachar Chai


Bar-Ilan University is home to over 500 Muslim students, but whenever prayer time comes, they are forced to search for a vacant classroom or an uncrowded lawn.

Bar-Ilan University (Photo: Yaron Brener/Archive)

Bar-Ilan University – Photo: Yaron Brener/Archive

The public praying on campus, at a university associated with the right-wing national-religious public, often attracted suspicious looks and racist comments. The students demanded change, and Thursday the university granted them a private prayer room. Continue Reading »

After Spanish law for exiled Jewish return, Muslims demand equal status

Spanish Muslims say: New law should include all those expelled, otherwise Spain’s decision is ‘selective, if not racist.’



Spanish Muslims are urging their government to grant citizenship to descendants of Muslims who were expelled from Spain, following a bill granting that right to Jews whose ancestors were forced to leave during the Inquisition.

Spanish passport

The demand was made this week in a statement by the Association for Historical Legacy of Al-Andalus, the Spanish news agency EFE reported on February 17.

“The Spanish state should grant the same rights to all those who were expelled, otherwise their decision is selective, if not racist,” Bayi Loubaris, the association’s president, told EFE.

Continue Reading »

Growing up as a Gaza Muslim, Jewish youth celebrates his Bar Mitzvah

After escaping the abuse from her ‘family’ in Gaza, the son of a Jewish woman tricked into marrying and living with a Palestinian, now celebrates his Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

By Ari Yashar


An unusual bar mitzvah ceremony was held on Tuesday for the son of a Jewish woman tricked into marrying and living with an Arab man in Gaza for years. The mother and her children recently managed to escape violent abuse and restart their lives as Jews.

“I lived for years as a Muslim. Today I stand as a proud Jewish youth,” remarked the bar mitzvah boy, referred to as D., Continue Reading »

Interfaith cooperation saves Bradford synagogue

Faced with closure a year ago, today Bradford’s synagogue’s future is bright, a model of cross-cultural co-operation after a nearby mosque together with a few local Muslims stepped in.


It was around this time last year that the trustees of Bradford‘s final remaining synagogue faced a tough choice. The roof of the Grade II-listed Moorish building was leaking; there was serious damage to the eastern wall, where the ark held the Torah scrolls; and there was no way the modest subscriptions paid annually by the temple’s 45 members could cover the cost.

Bradford Synagogue

Zulfi Karim, secretary of Bradford Council of Mosques, and Rabi Rudi Leavor inside Bradford Synagogue.

Continue Reading »

Jerusalem residents seek to quiet noisy mosques


Despite existing noise pollution laws, non-Muslim residents of Israel’s capital are forced to endure dozens of mosques blasting their electronic call to prayer.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is home to some 1.5 million Arabs, many of them Muslims, so hearing the Muslim calls to pray blasted from the minarets of local mosques is not uncommon. But in some areas the noise pollution can be unbearable, and such is the case in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev.

Jerusalem looks to quiet noisy mosques

Bordered on two sides by densely-populated Arab neighborhoods, the residents of Pisgat Ze’ev are forced to hear these calls to prayer, the first coming at the crack of dawn, from not one, but dozens of mosques. Continue Reading »

New Mosque in the Heart of Large US Jewish Neighborhood

Muslims buy a posh house in the heart of a large upscale Jewish neighborhood in Baltimore, whose main artery is known as “Synagogue Row.”


A Muslim movement has bought a posh house in the heart of a large upscale Jewish neighborhood in Baltimore, whose main artery is known as “Synagogue Row.” The Muslim sect is considered to be pacifist and at the opposite end of Islam extremism.

Located on the edge of Pikesville – synonymous with “Jewish” – the Colonial-style house known as “Slade Mansion” was sold for $900,000 to the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, according to the Baltimore Sun. Continue Reading »