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In Peace & After War, Israel’s Economy Continues to Grow

Report demonstrates that according to nearly every economic indicator, Israel’s economy continues to soar by leaps and bounds.

By Hillel Fendel


Wherever good news for Israel is to be found, Yoram Ettinger is there to publicize it. A long-time government consultant for US policy and projects, Ettinger now writes of a new economic study showing that “sustained, impressive growth of Israel’s economy throughout the last 30 years.”

Israel's hi-tech industry helping to power a resilient economy

Israel’s hi-tech industry helping to power a resilient economy – Reuters

The study was published earlier this month by Dr. Adam Reuter, CEO of Financial Immunities Consulting and the Chairman of Reuter-Maydan Investment House. Continue Reading »

Diplomat Says Accepting ‘Arab League Initiative’ is Suicide

Ambassador Ettinger says the Arab “peace plan” is in fact a ‘honey trap’ and  anyone who favors it, has forgotten the lessons of Oslo.

By Gil Ronen

The so-called “Arab initiative” or “Arab League peace plan” that has been gaining currency in recent months is “a recipe for Israel’s suicide,” according to Israel’s former representative in Washington, DC, Yoram Ettinger.

Ambassador Ettinger told Arutz Sheva that the plan is no more than “a honey trap” that misguidedly seeks to force reality to fit some people’s imaginings.

The Arab proposal, explained Ettinger, is based on UN Resolution 194, that favors the so called “right of return” of Arab “refugees” to Israel and would have Israel go back to indefensible 1949 Armistice lines. Continue Reading »