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Bank of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox impedes Israel’s economic growth

Although there has been an increase in ultra-Orthodox students entering academic institutions, an ultra-Orthodox man that has completed 19 years of yeshiva schooling is as prepared for the Israeli job market as a man who has completed only 10 years in the traditional public school system.

By Adir Yanko


Bank of Israel warns ultra-Orthodox education deficiencies will impact the economy’s ability to grow.

In a special report published Sunday the Bank of Israel looked at advancing the standard of living by increasing Israel’s productivity and determined that ultra-Orthodox men are under educated.

Rabbinical School Jerusalem – Photo: Roylindman at English Wikipedia.

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Bank of Israel reports quality of life in Israel has risen dramatically


It’s a good year: The rise of 4.4% per capita GDP along with negative inflation over the past 3 years is demonstrated by a national buying spree with record car purchases, real estate deals and vacations abroad for Israelis.

By Zeev Klein


The past three years have seen Israel’s per capita GDP rise by a total 4.4%, along with negative inflation of 0.8% – which together mean a dramatic increase in the quality of life in Israel, figures published by the Bank of Israel show.

According to the bank data, the past three years have seen a record number of close to 1 million new car purchases and the purchase of a record number of real estate investment properties and new homes, as well as record numbers of vacations abroad, with some 4 million Israelis jetting off to foreign destinations annually. Continue Reading »

With strong economic growth, Israel’s economy surged since mid-2016


Israel’s economy surges with a growth of 4% since the final months of 2016, even after a Bank of Israel forecast of a mere 2.8% growth.

By Reuters


Israel’s economy shot up in the final three months of 2016 and looks set to have grown annually by 4 percent, easily outstripping the central bank’s expectations.

It came on the back of robust exports, but also increased consumer spending.

Bank of Israel, in Jerusalem – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ester Inbar

On an annualized basis, gross domestic product soared 6.2 percent in the fourth quarter, the Central Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday, as it also revised up the annualized third-quarter 2016 growth estimate to 4.2 percent from 3.6 percent. Continue Reading »

Moody’s upholds Israel’s A1 credit rating, attests to Jewish State’s resiliency

Israel’s excellent credit rating is supported by the country’s industrial diversity, which spans high-tech, agro-tech, as well as electronics, pharmaceuticals and other quality goods & services.

By Zeev Klein


International credit rating agency Moody’s affirmed Israel’s A1 credit ratings over the weekend, favoring Israel’s economy for a stable outlook.

Moody’s lauds Israeli government’s responsible fiscal and economic policies – Photo: AP

The rating follows a visit by Moody’s executives to Israel last month, during which they met with Finance Ministry and Bank of Israel officials, as well as leaders of the public and private sectors.

In a statement issued Friday, the credit rating agency noted that its decision to affirm Israel’s A1 rating stemmed from the government’s economic and fiscal policies. Continue Reading »

Israeli economy grew by a whopping 7.2% in 4th quarter of 2014

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports the Israeli economy’s performance in 4th quarter of 2014 indicates strong recovery from slowdown after summer’s Operation Protective Edge
• Data affirms projections saying Israel’s economy likely to grow during 2015.

By Zeev Klein & Hezi Sternlicht


The Israeli economy has recovered from the relative slowdown that followed last summer’s Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, marking 7.2 percent growth in the fourth quarter of 2014, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Monday.
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In Peace & After War, Israel’s Economy Continues to Grow

Report demonstrates that according to nearly every economic indicator, Israel’s economy continues to soar by leaps and bounds.

By Hillel Fendel


Wherever good news for Israel is to be found, Yoram Ettinger is there to publicize it. A long-time government consultant for US policy and projects, Ettinger now writes of a new economic study showing that “sustained, impressive growth of Israel’s economy throughout the last 30 years.”

Israel's hi-tech industry helping to power a resilient economy

Israel’s hi-tech industry helping to power a resilient economy – Reuters

The study was published earlier this month by Dr. Adam Reuter, CEO of Financial Immunities Consulting and the Chairman of Reuter-Maydan Investment House. Continue Reading »

IMF Predicts Israel’s Economic Growth at 3.5% for 2015


The International Monetary Fund forecast at 3.5% is more optimistic than Bank of Israel’s, which predicts the economy will grow 3% for 2015, but Bank of Israel predicts a lower unemployment rate.

IMF forecast a 1.6% inflation rate in 2014 & even less than 2% for 2015.

By Zeev Klein


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Palestinian Authority Report: Palestinians Prefer Purchasing ‘Made in Israel’

BDS steaming after a Palestinian Authority report showed 70% of the Authority’s imports were from Israel, with total imports worth $3.5 billion entering the West Bank from Israel.

By David Lev


Last month, BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) activists slammed Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas for not joining in with them to boycott Israel – and on Monday, the PA revealed just how uninvolved it was in the BDS movement. According to a PA report, 70% of the PA’s imports were from Israel, with imports worth $3.5 billion entering the Authority from Israel.

It should be noted that Israel generally does not restrict imports of consumer goods to the PA, and that Israeli goods compete on Palestinian store shelves with goods from Arab countries and Europe as well as from the PA. Continue Reading »

Former Bank of Israel chief candidate to strengthen US economy as Deputy Fed

Stanley Fischer, the former Bank of Israel governor, who’s a dual Israeli-U.S. citizen, has been asked by the Obama administration to become Janet Yellen’s deputy head of the Federal Reserve Bank, when she takes over as chief.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff

Stanley Fischer, who led the Bank of Israel for eight years until he stepped down in June, has been asked to become the Federal Reserve Bank’s next deputy head once the current vice chairwoman, Janet Yellen, takes over as chief of the U.S. central bank, a source familiar with the issue said on Wednesday.

Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer – Photo: Reuters

Fischer, 70, is widely respected as one of the world’s top monetary economists. Continue Reading »

Obama to award Israeli Nobel Prize laureate the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom




Israel’s 2002 Nobel Prize laureate, Daniel Kahneman,  is considered one of the world’s foremost researchers in the fields of behavioral economics & hedonic psychology, will be one of 16 recipients of the U.S.’s highest civilian honor.

By Sarah Fried and Israel Hayom Staff



Israel’s Professor Daniel Kahneman, 79, who received the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, has been named one of the 16 recipients of the 2013 United States Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House announced Thursday.

Daniel Kahneman – Photo: USgov-public domain/Wikimedia Commons

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Israeli & Palestinian finance ministers meet to boost the PA

Israel’s finance minister

Lapid meets Palestinian counterpart to discuss economic cooperation renewal, including joint investments & trade to make the PA economy viable.

Attila Somfalvi


In their first meeting, Israeli and Palestinian finance ministers have agreed on a series of economic cooperation projects.

Lapid, Bashara Photo: Anat Hamami, Finance Ministry SpokespersonSunday’s meeting between Israel’s Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and the Palestinians’ Shukri Bashara marked the first high-profile meeting between officials since the new Israeli government took office in March.

Lapid said cooperation would include joint investments and trade between the sides. He said it would benefit both and vowed to “continue to strengthen the connection and promote important economic issues that are important to both sides.” Continue Reading »

‘Israel is Not Always to Blame’ admit PA Protesters

Escalating social protests within the Palestinian Authority territories due to rising unemployment & no economic relief in sight.

By Chana Ya’ar


Social protests are escalating within the Palestinian Authority territories with rising unemployment and no economic relief.

Demonstrators castigating PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas at a protest had their microphones suddenly silenced by authorities on Wednesday during a live broadcast from Tulkarem.

The move did little to quench the rage of what is fast becoming known as the approach of the “PA Winter,” however.

“Israel is not always to blame,” the protesters shouted. “You cannot silence us.” PA Arabs have been protesting for weeks against the difficult conditions being created by the global economic crisis, much of which is little understood in the region. Continue Reading »

Rupert Murdoch: King David Was Right, Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

At an investment meeting in NYC, media mogul Rupert Murdoch said, “What was right for King David is right for me. Jerusalem is the capital.”

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Media mogul and investor Rudolph Murdoch, who is not Jewish, told an “Innovate, Invest Israel’ conference in New York City, “What was right for King David is right for me. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

The conference is jointly sponsored by The Wall Street Journal.

Murdoch also said, “Twenty years ago my company invested in a small company in a small Jerusalem apartment, and what I gained from this company in terms of capital returns and technologically was critical to my company in the last few years.” Continue Reading »

Israel’s $US Cash Reserves a Weapon Against Possible Iranian War Disaster

Gloom & doomers warn that a war against Iran may cripple the economy, but Israel has a weapon: $70 billion in US dollar reserves.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Gloom and doomers warn that war with Iran could cripple the economy, but Israel has a weapon: $70 billion in dollar reserves.

Many international financial wizards scoffed at Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer three years when he bought billions of dollars, ostensibly to keep the then-mighty shekel from growing even stronger. Israeli exporters were suffering from low revenue due to a lower shekel rate for the dollar and the euro.

Globes reported that a senior Bank of Israel official said, “We have $76 billion in foreign currency reserves, which says it all. Continue Reading »

Israel 19th most competitive economy

IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook ranks Jewish state first in R&D investments, second for total public expenditure on education


Israel ranked in the 19th place among the world’s 59 leading economies in terms of competitiveness, according to the 2012 World Competitiveness Yearbook of the International Institute of Management Development in Switzerland – a two spot drop from the previous year.

Uriel Lynn, President of Israeli Chambers of Commerce Photo: Micha Kirshner

Uriel Lynn, President of Israeli Chambers of Commerce - Photo: Micha Kirshner

The IMD is the world’s most renowned and comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness of nations, ranking and analyzing how a nation’s environment creates and sustains the competitiveness of enterprises. Continue Reading »