Teachers Union of Ireland brands Israel ‘apartheid state’ & calls for boycott


Ireland’s Teachers Union passed a resolution urges all its members to cease all collaboration with the State of Israel.




The Teachers Union of Ireland has adopted a resolution in support of an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, which the union called an “apartheid state.”

Ireland-Palestine Solidarity protesters call for a boycott of Israel

From November 2012, protesters in Ireland call for a boycott of Israel following Israeli bombing of Gaza. – Photo: AP


The motion, passed unanimously on April 4 during the union’s annual congress, calls for “all members to cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel, including the exchange of scientists, students and academic personalities, as well as all cooperation in research programs,” according to a report on the website of the Center for Research of Globalization.

Gerry Quinn, the union’s vice president, seconded the motion for a call to boycott Israel.

David Harris, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee, said in a statement that the Irish teachers’ action “undermines the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace by singling out, unfairly and without reference to the facts, one side in the conflict for targeting and isolation.”


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  1. And not sure how up you are on Irish and English teachers’ unions.

    Are they doing the same about North Korea, China, the Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Pakistan…? Of course not. Because they are not states for Jews!

    And they are not “capitalist democracies” either – and leftists teachers tend to hate democracy and capitalism too.

    And don’t be fooled. Not all teachers are leftists – of course not! But the major teaching unions, as in England, are nearly all run by fanatical Trotskyists because only fanatical Trotskyists will put in the time. That’s what Trotskyists do. They are obsessive. Their prime imperative, as directed by Antonio Gramsci, is to “take over the institutions” – including teaching unions!

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