Terror attack averted when sniper rifles with silencers seized by police

A major disaster has been averted with the 3 Palestinians men caught in possession of weapons in West Bank village.

By Itamar Fleishman

A Border Guard force arrested three Palestinians near the village of Al-Khader in the West Bank on Thursday. The three were carrying sniper rifles, silencers, telescopic sights, magazines and a pocketknife.

כלי הנשק שנתפסו. מעורר דאגה

Confiscated arms

They were turned over for questioning to security forces, who say they admitted they were planning a terror attack. The weapons were discovered during a search in the village after a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a Border Guard vehicle. The forces spotted a car with three men who raised their suspicion and ordered it to stop.

It is being checked whether the suspects had specific targets for the attack.

Security forces in the West Bank are extra vigilant in light of six shooting attacks that have occurred recently. There is specific concern over the use of silencers which could be employed in more elaborate attacks.

“We’re always on alert, but it’s clear we’re concerned in light of the weapons that have been seized and what the terrorists might have done,” a source said. “It looks like a major disaster has been averted. The combatants should be praised for their work.”


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