Terrorist, Soldier Killed in Gaza-Area Gunfight

Two soldiers were wounded in the same area about a week ago.


A 20-year-old Golani Brigade soldier was killed Friday in a shootout with a Gaza terrorist.

The terrorist tried to infiltrate the western Negev from Gaza and was eliminated during the predawn hours of Friday morning. According to a preliminary investigation, the terrorist took advantage of fog around 4:00 a.m. to go through a hole he cut in the security fence near the Kissufim crossing.

A Golani unit responded to the scene and identified the terrorist who opened fire at the soldiers, killing one. Artillery soldiers fired back, killing the terrorist.

Gaza sources reported that Israeli Air Force jets were flying over the Hamas-controlled area following the incident.

Last week, another officer and soldier from the Golani Brigade were wounded by Gaza sniper fire in the same area. Following treatment at the scene, they were evacuated, with moderate and light wounds, to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.


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By Uzi Baruch


  1. DavidEvans says:

    The story got it wrong, as it is the Israeli troops who are the terrorists. They are invaders who are illegally imprisoning 1.5 million Palestinians in their own land in an Israeli-created walled concentration camp that is the Gaza Strip. If Israel soldiers weren’t there where they don’t belong, they wouldn’t be getting shot.

    David Evans
    Former Sergeant USMC
    Veterans For Peace Member
    Israel/Palestine Working Group

    • I beg to differ. Your comment is infested with inaccuracies. You wrote: “They are invaders who are illegally imprisoning 1.5 million Palestinians in their own land in an Israeli-created walled concentration camp”

      1) How can Israelis be invaders…..when not a single Israeli OR Jew is in Gaza?
      2) illegally imprisoning….not true. The UN has declared Israel’s BLOCKADE as legal under Int’l Laws
      3) Israeli-created walled concentration camp. The World Health Org (WHO) claims Gazans suffer from obesity. The ICRC has declared no food crises in Gaza, and finally, Gazans have access into Egypt.

      Trying to sneak into a sovereign country with an automatic assault weapon (AK-47) by cutting the boarder fence is an illegal act under int’l laws.

      The respondents can only be called terrorist by one with an agenda, unrelated to the welfare of the country that was threatened.

      Personally, I find your comment totally contradictory to your Job title: ‘Veterans For Peace Member
      Israel/Palestine Working Group’. G-d help the Israelis & Arabs!

      Phillip Pasmanick
      Former Sgt-Maj Israel Border Guard
      Area Security Director
      Northern MAGAV (Retd)

    • dshap says:

      Dave Evans, while I do not believe it to be so… you perpetuate the myth that Marines are not too bright.
      Your affiliation with the “Israel/Palestine Workgroup” proves the point. Gaza is walled in because after Israel evicted thousands of Jews from and disengaged from Gaza, leaving behind a thriving economy and producing greenhouses… Hamas thanked Israel by destroying all things Israeli including the greenhouses at great cost to the arabs remaining in Gaza. They then proceeded to send rockets and bombs in additon to suicide bombers into Israel to kill Israeli civilians. Finally Israel had had enough and erected the wall/fence to stem the tide of suicide murderers/terrorists. It worked well, resulting in a drop of infiltration from Gaza to negligible numbers. Inside Gaza, hamas terrorizes it’s own arab brethren on a daily basis with sharia laws and corruption of massive proportion. You complain about Israel’s actions but never ever recognize the cause or reasons why Israel erected the barrier and must keep gazans out of Israel. I would ask, how much complaining do you do about the closure on Egypt’s side of Gaza, or about the 10s of 1000s of arab “refugees” called “palestinians” kept in squalid conditions in camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon? Face it Jarhead… you are a Jew hating person and right, or justice, has no place in your argument.

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