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“I saw the children Hamas beheaded with my own eyes.”

While Queen Rania of Jordan was skeptical of the reports questioning Hamas’ barbarity, Dr. Qanta A. Ahmed, a Muslim British-American, practicing  physician and women’s rights activist, came to Israel to see for herself if the reports were true. “I saw the children [plural] Hamas beheaded with my own eyes.”

By Qanta Ahmed


I was in scrubs from the wet morgue at Abu Kabir when I learned Queen Rania of Jordan questioned whether Israeli children had verifiably been killed by Hamas on October 7. Hugely appealing to the West, ranked among Forbes’s 100 most powerful women, among the top ten most followed international leaders on Instagram, dressed routinely by Valentino, Schiaparelli and Dior, and of Palestinian origin (her family is from the West Bank’s Nablus), Queen Rania is undeniably a global icon. Continue Reading »

Mayim Bialik condemns ‘progressive feminists’ over silence on Hamas rapes

‘Jeopardy!’ host Mayim Bialik questions motives of  ‘progressive feminists’ over their silence on Hamas’ Oct. 7 gruesome rapes & carnage

!!Warning!! – The report below contains text & a video recording, each depicting graphic scenes and descriptions of sexual violence & carnage during the horrific invasion by Hamas into Israel on Oct. 7.

By Allie Griffin


“Jeopardy!” co-host Mayim Bialik slammed women’s organizations around the world for their silence over Hamas’ alleged systemic rapes of Israeli women during the terrorists’ deadly Oct. 7 attack.

The Jewish actress and talk show host called out the deafening silence over the gender-based abuse of Israeli women — a war crime — on social media last Saturday. Continue Reading »

Images released of Hamas rocket-designer’s assassins

Just like when the previous rocket designer for Hamas was assassinated, Gaza’s rulers finger the Mossad for assassinating fellow group member Fadi al-Batsh, in Malaysia.



Malaysian police on Monday released computer generated photographs of two men suspected of gunning down a Palestinian Hamas weapons engineer on Saturday in Kuala Lumpur.

Two men on a motorcycle fired at least 14 shots at Fadi al-Batsh, an engineering lecturer, but also a Hamas drones and rockets expert, killing him on the spot.

Police Chief Mohamad Fuzi Bin Harun did highlight Batsh’s international and Palestinian-related activities, seemingly de-emphasizing his identity as an average Malaysian resident of international origin. Continue Reading »

Finally: Trump’s Administration Puts Hamas Leader on Terrorist Blacklist

The U.S. State Department announced the inclusion of Hamas’ political bureau chief, Ismail Haniyeh on its international terrorist blacklist.
– Secretary of State Tillerson: Since billionaire Haniyeh threatens the stability of the Middle East, he will be levied with sanctions, including having his assets frozen.



The United States on Wednesday put the head of the Hamas terrorist organization Ismail Haniyeh on its terror blacklist and slapped him with sanctions.

Responding to the decision, Hamas said it was “a failed attempt to pressure the resistance. This decision will not deter us from continuing the resistance option to expel the occupation.” Continue Reading »

Seasoned Hamas Terrorists Dies of Too Much Sand as Terror-Tunnel Collapses

A 31 yr-old Hamas terrorist died from a ‘work accident’ while in a Gaza “resistance tunnel,” the group reported.

By Elad Benari


A Hamas terrorist died on Wednesday after what was believed to be the collapse of an attack tunnel in Gaza, the group said, according to AFP.

The terrorist, Mahmud al-Safadi, 31, died “during his work in one of the resistance tunnels,” a statement from Hamas’s armed wing said.

The statement did not provide further details of the incident or the location but Arabic media reported a partial collapse of a tunnel.

Several dozen Hamas terrorists have died in tunnel collapses in the past year, most of them in similar “working accidents”. Continue Reading »

Hamas reported co-founder dead from accidental gunshot after pointing gun at face

Arabs tell the sad tale of the unfortunate demise of the Hamas co-founder, Imad al Alami, who just 3 weeks ago was personally ‘inspecting his own handgun’ when it surprisingly fired a round right into his terrorist head.
– Hamas waiting for right moment to blame it on Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


It’s always a relief when Hamas does the IDF’s job for it.

That was the reaction of many Israelis on Tuesday upon hearing that Hamas co-founder Imad al-Alami had died some three weeks after accidentally shooting himself in the head.

On January 9, a Hamas spokesman reported that al-Alami had been critically wounded after his personal firearm unexpectedly discharged while he was inspecting it. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Another terror-tunnel collapses killing another Hamas terrorist

Following the two other dead terrorist that died last week, this terrorist belonging to Al-Qassam Brigades smothered to death while working on yet another tunnel meant for future Gaza terror activities.

By Tal Polon


Officials in the Gaza strip announced this morning, Tuesday, that a 24-year-old terrorist had died while working in a terror tunnel near Rafiah in southern Gaza.

According to Arab media outlet reports, the terrorist belonged to the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

A Hamas terror-tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The report comes after two other terrorists died in separate tunnel collapses in Gaza last week. Continue Reading »

Two Hamas terrorists died in separate tunnel collapses in Gaza

According to an AFP report, a Hamas terrorist died in a collapsed tunnel in Gaza City and another Hamas terrorist in Khan Yunis was also killed when the tunnel he was in collapsed.

By Elad Benari, Canada,


Two Hamas terrorists died in separate tunnel collapses in Gaza overnight Thursday, the group said on Friday, according to AFP.

Khalil al-Dimyati, 32, and Yusef Abu Abed, 22, were killed after two “resistance tunnels” collapsed, Hamas said, referring to tunnels used for military purposes.

A Hamas terror-tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

It did provide details of the locations or causes of the collapses, but confirmed the two men were members of Hamas’s armed wing. Continue Reading »

IDF makes late night arrest of senior West Bank Hamas parliamentarian


Muhammed Abu Tir, one of the most senior Hamas leaders in Judea and Samaria, was arrested at his home in the middle of the night by the IDF over his participation in terror financing.

By Elad Benari


The IDF arrested a Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament at his home near Ramallah overnight, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said on Friday, according to AFP.

Muhammed Abu Tir, 65, was arrested only two months after he was released from a previous 17-month sentence, the group said.

Female IDF Capt. takes Hamas leader into custody – IDF Screenshot

Abu Tir is from eastern Jerusalem which he represents on the Palestinian Legislative Council. Continue Reading »

US Supreme Court to Hear Case of Jordanian Bank Financing Palestinian Terrorism


US Supreme Court agreed to consider reviving the Arab Bank of Jordan case, of knowingly financing Palestinians to commit acts of terrorism, including suicide bombings and other attacks, that  resulted in the death of scores of Americans.



WASHINGTON – The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider reviving litigation seeking to hold Arab Bank Plc financially liable for militant attacks in Israel and the Palestinian territories that accused the Jordan-based bank of being the “paymaster” to militant groups.

Aftermath of Jerusalem bus bombing – Photo: Wikipedia

The justices agreed to hear an appeal by roughly 6,000 plaintiffs, who included relatives of non-US citizens killed in such attacks and survivors of the incidents, of a lower court ruling throwing out the litigation. Continue Reading »

Hamas military parade featured a K-9 unit annexed to elite tunnel forces


Although it’s known Hamas had donkeys & dogs that would explode near IDF soldiers, Hamas’ recently revealed canine unit is seen as just bravado, with Israeli experts remaining skeptical.

By Mordechai Sones


In a recent Hamas parade in Gaza, a yet-unseen capability was displayed: attack dogs, apparently styled after the IDF’s Oketz canine unit.

Hamas’ canine unit is a part of the Nohba (“elect”) tunnel unit of the organization, and has been used so far for patrolling the new paved patrol road that runs along the border with Israel – 250 meters running inside PA territory. Other tasks have included distancing Arab protesters confronting Israeli soldiers, throwing stones, and damaging the fence. Continue Reading »

Gaza terror-tunnel collapses killing Hamas terrorist


The collapse of a “resistance tunnel”, the type dug for terror operations against Israel, killed yet another Hamas terrorist, this time in Khan Yunis.

By Elad Benari


A Hamas terrorist was killed on Friday as a tunnel collapsed in southern Gaza, the terrorist group which controls Gaza said, according to the AFP news agency.

The group said Yussef al-Agha died in Khan Yunis in the collapse of a “resistance tunnel”, the type dug for terror operations against Israel.

Hamas has been busily reconstructing its terror tunnel network breaching into Israeli territory and which was targeted by Israel during the 2014 counterterror operation. Continue Reading »

US blacklists senior Hamas official


The US State Department adds Fathi Hammad, a former Hamas interior minister, to its “global terrorist” blacklist.

By Elad Benari, Canada


The United States on Friday added senior Hamas member Fathi Hammad to its “global terrorist” list, AFP reports.

Hammad in the past served as Hamas’s interior minister.

Hamas, the terrorist group which controls Gaza, has already itself been proscribed by the United States as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

Under the new designation, U.S. citizens and companies will be banned from doing business with Hammad and any property he holds in areas under U.S. jurisdiction will be frozen.

According to the State Department, which issued the designation, as interior minister Hammad used his position to “coordinate terrorist cells.” Continue Reading »

Arab Bank to pay victims of Palestinian terror, precise figure depends on upcoming appeal


view videoThe Jordanian based Arab Bank reaches settlement with families of Palestinian terror victims, setting aside $1 billion to cover claims.

By David Rosenberg


The Amman-based Arab Bank on Tuesday agreed to settle a class action lawsuit brought by the families of terror victims killed in attacks the plaintiffs say the Arab Bank helped fund.

The settlement stems from a 2014 decision by a New York jury finding the bank liable for damages. According to the lawsuit, the bank knowingly maintained accounts for Hamas terrorists and transferred payments to relatives of suicide bombers from 2000 to 2005.


Bank officials said in January that $1 billion had been set aside for “expected obligations” related to the lawsuits, according to a report byReuters. Continue Reading »

US puts top Hezbollah & Hamas leaders on terror blacklist


Two of the Hamas terrorists on the US blacklist had been reluctantly freed by Israel in exchange for captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

By i24news


The United States put three senior members of Hamas, a senior commander and two leaders freed by Israel in exchange for captive soldier Gilad Shalit, on its terror blacklist Tuesday.

The State Department said Yehia Sinwar and Rawhi Mushtaha along with the Palestinian group’s military commander Mohammed Deif had been named “specially designated global terrorists” under US law.

 Deif has been described as Israel’s most wanted man for his role since 2002 as commander of Hamas’ military wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, overseeing attacks in Gaza and Israel.
Continue Reading »